Jul 30

Is a Disney cruise the best vacation?

Why should you choose a Disney Cruise?  Well, here are a few reasons:

1.  All inclusive – Once you get onboard everything is taken care of. There’s no schedules to be done and no park hours to worry about and plenty of things to do. And best of all, no dining plan to pick because it’s all included and there’s plenty to choose from.

2.  Not much planning – Pick your sail date and destination and you are ready to go. There are very few decisions to make.  All you have to do is pick when/if you’d like to eat at Palo and what shore excursions you would like to do, everything else is set! Disney Cruise Line tells you where to eat and when, the show schedule is set and the rest you can decide on the go.

3.  Entertainment – Disney Cruise Line has entertainment for everyone and it’s already planned, all you have to do is show up. The stage shows are like Broadway shows and perfect for the whole family.

4.  Be as busy or inactive as you want – No hurrying to this attraction or racing to get that Fastpass necessary.  Pick and choose what you’d like to do each day when your Personal Navigator arrives in your stateroom. The pools are always open, relax in the sun, or relax in the hot tub. The possibilities are endless.

5.  Be pampered – You can expect that same great Mousekeeping in your stateroom. Your stateroom host (or hostess) will be replenishing your toiletries, making towel animals, making your bed and leaving chocolates on your pillow. You never lack for anything and feel like a queen or king.

6.  Kids Club for the kids –  The kids clubs are divided with age appropriate activities.  The teens can do their own thing in their own area (no adults allowed) and the younger kids can find adventure in the Oceaneers Club, Oceaneers Lab or even Flounder’s Reef nursery.  They will have so much fun they won’t even care you are not around.

7. Rest, Eat and Enjoy – There is plenty of relaxing, food is endless, and there are plenty of activities to keep you busy if that is what you want.

What are some of your reasons for cruising?

Jul 30

Getting the most out of your Dining Credits for snacks.

Don’t Waste Your Snack Credits On These: 

-Bottled water/soda – These cost around $2.50, and on hot days there is nothing better. However, bring a water bottle from home and bring it to the Parks with you, or fill your resort mug before you leave for the Parks in the morning.

-Ice Cream Cones – These generally cost under $3 so they aren’t a great value. Plus they are messy on hot days!

-Bags of Chips/Pretzels – They are usually priced around $2.50, so you aren’t getting the most of a Snack Credit if you use it on chips/pretzels.

-Pieces of fruit – Apples/bananas/oranges are available for about $1.50 each.

-Muffins/Danish/Bagels – Most are under $3.

Instead, Use Snack Credits For These Items:  

-Boxes of Crackers/cookies – They come in larger quantities than your typical single serve snack. While they aren’t the most exciting items, they are easy to throw in your bag and carry them with you to the Parks, and they can be shared.

-Cupcakes: They tend to be HUGE.

-Cinnamon Roll – These are huge and gooey and can easily be split between two people for a snack, or use one as breakfast.

-Mickey Bars – While these don’t totally maximize your snack credits (as they only cost around $3), but they are delicious and a fun Mickey shaped.

-Mixed Fruit Salad – This is one of the few healthier items available as a snack credit.

-Ice Cream Sundae – You tend to get more with a sundae than a cone, and they come in a bowl which makes them much easier to eat.

-Other Ice Cream/frozen specialties – things like root beer floats, iced coffees, smoothies, ice cream cookie sandwiches, etc – these are considered “specialties” and therefore cost more than just an ice cream cone, which make them a better use of a credit

-Cake Pop/Piece of Cake/Cheesecake – Cakes and cheesecakes at WDW are usually pretty good and can be a decent use of a credit.

General rule of thumb is to get as close to the $5 max as possible.

Jul 26

How do you have a disaster Disney trip?

Ways to have a disaster Disney trip:
1.  You don’t have any idea where you are going or what you are doing. Get a plan or get a travel agent to plan for you. Disney World is VERY big!
2.  Wear the wrong shoes – don’t bring your heels ladies. Don’t go for what looks the cutest with your outfit. Bring your comfortable shoes! Also bring some band-aids just in case you get a blister. I brought 2 pairs of flip flops on my last trip (they were comfortable shoes) but you know what? I got blisters and had to borrow my mother’s tennis shoes to finish out my trip!

3. You went during the worst possible time. Check the crowd calendars and find out what it will be like when you are planning on going. Spring Break, Christmas, after Christmas – worst times to go for crowds!

4. You didn’t think about the amount walking involved. Get ready, train for it you will be walking MILES!

5. You didn’t use hand sanitizer. Now you or someone in your family is sick. I am a HUGE believer in hand sanitizer! I don’t want anyone to be sick on our vacation or even bring it home.

6. You don’t rest enough. Nothing says you can’t sleep in, go to the pool, take a break in the middle of the day. Don’t wear everyone out in your family that you are all cranky!

7. You are going to see everything and do everything! BEWARE! I tried that on our first trip as a family – and it was terrible! My husband ended up really NOT LIKING Disney! Can you imagine? Someone not liking Disney? He said it wasn’t a relaxing vacation. Just know you will NOT see everything and do everything. So take the time to enjoy your trip!

8. You forgot to put on the sunscreen. Don’t underestimate the sun! Nothing is worse than being sunburned.

Jul 26

Disney preparing for Christmas already?

Can you believe that Disney is already planning for the Christmas season already?  It is true, just check out this article and video from Disney:


I for one can’t wait to visit this season and pick up one or two of those special Christmas decorations and ornaments.  Who knows, I just might pick up an extra to bring back to give away.  Keep watching for my posts of what it was like.

Jul 18

Have school age children? Want to save $$ on park tickets?

Are you planning a trip to Disney and want to know how to incorporate something educational on your trip?  Would you like to save money on your park tickets at the same time?  This is an AWESOME deal if you can’t get that coveted Free Dining during your trip!  Sign your school age child or children up for an educational class and you not only help them with learning something but you can get park tickets at an AWESOME deal!  Check out Terri Miller’s website:  www.wdwhints.com for full details on how this works.  Have a travel agent?  Let them see if this would be a better way to save you the most money.

Jul 16

Guest Blogger – Terri Miller

I am SOOOO EXCITED!! I have a guest blogger who will be joining me on my website from time to time!!! She also blogs for Chip & Co., Undercover Tourist and has done some blogging on Mouse & Memo’s and My Dreams of Disney. Welcome Terri Miller! Check out her website:  www.wdwhints.com.  She is also on Facebook WDW Hints.

Terri is a Christian wife and mother of 2 children.  She started her website back in March.  She read an outdated book on Disney and thought she could do this and give up-to-date information, so she started blogging.  Her goal is to write an e-book and update it every year or two.

She also knows what it is like to travel to Disney with allergies/auto-immune conditions.  She has both.  Please help me welcome Terri.  I look forward to sharing her articles with you.

Jul 14

How to upgrade your park hopper ticket to an annual pass.

Do you wonder if you can you upgrade your park hopper ticket to an annual pass?  Yes, you can.  Here are some tips:

You can completely use up your park hopper and still upgrade if it’s within the 14-day period. You can even upgrade it from home.  Although it is easier to do at Disney World.

Did you know the date your annual pass starts is the first day you use your park hopper, so if your first park day was August 15th and you upgraded to an annual pass on August 20th, your pass would be backdated to August 15th. The cost of your pass is the difference between what your park hopper is worth and the cost of an Annual Pass.

NOTE:  If you bought your park hoppers tickets from a discount broker like Undercover Tourist, you probably got a savings of $10 or $20 from what Disney charges. Use your park hopper at least one day and you’ll get the full Disney price that day (even if you bought your tickets prior to a price increase). If you don’t use it, they’ll only give you the price that you paid your discount broker.

Jul 12

Epcot’s UK Pavilion phone booths


Have you seen these red phone booths in Epcot’s UK Pavilion of the World Showcase? Did you know that they are actually working phones with INCOMING lines that you can call?

So have some fun call one of them today:

407-827-9861 Right Booth
407-827-9862 Left Booth
407-827-9863 Center Booth

See if anyone visiting Disney will answer.  If they answer see if they would like a Disney joke or Disney Trivia question.  If you are at Disney World’s Epcot it would be hysterical to watch their reactions and witness the joy on their faces as they listen to the joke or Disney trivia.

If you call, post your comments on what type of response you get……..


Jul 03

Good spots to watch the Parades and Fireworks in Magic Kingdom

Here are a few good areas in the Magic Kingdom to view the Main Street Electrical Parade, Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade, and Wishes.

1. Tomorrowland Terrace – If you exit the bakery to the right you will come to the Tomorrowland Terrace.  This is a great spot to watch the Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party.

2. Close to your favorite rides – Once you find a spot to watch the parade or Wishes, you are “stuck” there until it’s over.  So choose a spot close to your favorite ride or some of the more crowded rides.

3.  Fantasyland – Right in front of Mickey’s Philharmagic they begin to rope off the walkway that leads through Cinderella’s Castle to Main Street USA.  This is between Mickey’s Philharmagic and Cinderella’s Carousel.  And the crowds in Fantasyland are fairly low during parades and Wishes.

4. Liberty Square – Right across from the flagpole in Liberty Square there is a small food stand.  This is a great spot to watch the Main Street Electrical Parade or Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade.  Then right after the parades you can head over to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain and ride these with little to no wait.

Jul 03

Miyuki – Japan’s “candy artist” in Epcot’s World Showcase

Do you think making sculptures out of a plain ball of rice would be easy to do?  Well Miyuki can mold a plain ball of rice candy into a sculpture in less than two minutes.  She takes requests from the audience too.  There are 15 trained “candy artists” in the world and Miyuki is the only woman.


Japan Pavilion Candy Art – Disney’s Epcot
Several times a day at the Japan Pavilion of Disney’s Epcot, Miyuki creates sculptures out of candy. Her stage is located just outside the front entrance of Mitsukoshi department store.

Jul 02

Where can you get dinner and watch the fireworks at Disney?

Where can you get dinner and watch the fireworks at Disney World?  Here are some suggestions:

Casey’s Corner in the Magic Kingdom – is an old-fashioned hot dog stand located at the castle end of Main Street. Casey’s Corner’s seating is mostly outdoor and is a perfect spot to eat and watch Wishes.

Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party in the Magic Kingdom –  You will not be able to sit because it is a standing room only event, but it does offer a reserved spot for viewing the fireworks and offers desserts to snack on while waiting for Tinkerbell to FLY RIGHT OVER YOUR HEAD! The Tomorrowland Terrace restaurant is closed for this event and a dessert buffet offered.  The cost is $15-$35.99 per person and reservations can be made by calling (407) WDW-DINE (939-3463) or contacting your travel agent.

‘Ohana at the Polynesian Resort – family-style restaurant is a perfect place for watching the Wishes fireworks show over the Magic Kingdom‘s Cinderella Castle. When the fireworks are about to start, the dining room’s lights are dimmed and the show’s music is piped in. For the 9:00 Wishes show, ask for 8:00 dinner reservations and request a table by a window.  Note:  You will not always get your window seat.

California Grill at the Contemporary Resort – is on the 15th floor of the Contemporary. This restaurant is much more “upscale” than ‘Ohana and the menu changes weekly. This is also the very best place in the Walt Disney World Resorts to view the Wishes fireworks show.

La Hacienda de San Angel in Epcot – the menu features Mexican dishes and the back tables are right on the World Showcase Lagoon.

Rose and Crown Dining Room at Epcot’s World Showcase – is a pub-style restaurant with patio seating on the World Showcase Lagoon and is the perfect spot to view the IllumiNations fireworks and laser show.

Reservations are HIGHLY recommended for all of these dining options.