Nov 30

Secrets are so hard to keep!

Well, if you have been following me on Facebook, you know that we are coming up on our SURPRISE trip to Disney World for our son.  I am so excited about it, but let me tell you – these last few days have been EXTREMELY hard to keep it a secret!  I am so excited I am about to bust and I can’t slip here at the last minute and say anything.  Afterall, I have kept my mouth shut for about 9 months already.  This is how the plan is going in the morning.  I am a homeschool mom so we take field trips often.  Our son said he wanted to take a field trip on Saturday so daddy can go with us.  I thought perfect!  So our plan is to wake him early in the morning because our plane leaves early.  He has also been saving his money for several weeks now in anticipation of going to the Lego store on December 1st.  That is what we first told him.  We said we would match whatever he made during that time and he could spend it at the Lego store.  This will actually be his spending money instead.

We are heading to the “zoo” – that is what we finally decided upon and then to the Lego store later.  We have a busy day tomorrow.  I will tell him we need to get an early start and the zoo is a little drive from our house so we need to get there when they open.  He will need to brush his teeth and when he is done put his toothbrush in his suitcase downstairs because we are actually going to a different Lego store too.  One that we haven’t been to in a while so we will spend the night.  When he goes downstairs he will find his “suitcase” and open it to this:


Tomorrow cannot get here fast enough.  Stay tuned for how it all turns out – his reaction and whether or not he actually knew…….





Nov 21

“Mommy, why do you love Disney so much?”

My son has asked me on several occasions why I love Disney so much.  Most of the time I just told him, “I don’t know, I just do.”  Well, I finally really thought about it the other day and was able to give him an actual answer.  I realized there are a few reasons to why I love it so much.  First, let me just say it has something to do with the fact that now I am a mom!  I get to see everything through my child’s eyes and see him get excited about different things.  Disney is an all magical place with everything right there at once.  To see your child’s eyes light up the first time they see their favorite character, the first time they see that castle, to eat lunch with Pooh and friends, etc., etc. – it is amazing and I still get goosebumps thinking about it.  Each time you go it is a different experience with your children or even yourself.  You see things you hadn’t before or your child is older and now they enjoy the rides more, or whatever it may be.

I get to make dreams come true for other people!  Whether it is someone who is going on their 20th trip or someone who is going on their 1st trip.  I LOVE making people happy and want people to enjoy themselves.  I want them to have that magical trip!

And my last reason, well, I get to be a kid myself.  I told that to my son and he laughed and said, “You just said you get to be a kid!”  Well, I do!  Why not act like a kid and enjoy yourself?  Let your child(ren) see you acting silly.  Live a little.  Have fun and be a kid!

Nov 20

Art of Animation Food Court review – how is it?

My family and I recently had the pleasure of staying in a Lion King Suite at Disney’s brand new Art of Animation Resort.  We loved the oversized decorations throughout the resort, the extra space in the suite and, of course, the massive Finding Nemo theme pool. 


I was especially excited to try out the newest food court on Disney property, Landscape of Flavors, so we stopped there for lunch on our first day.  The first thing that struck me was the size of the dining area. There are four themed seating areas, based on different areas of the resort, Cars, Finding Nemo, Lion King and the Little Mermaid.  We had no problem finding a table with so many seating areas.

The food options in Landscape of Flavors are not your typical food court options.  There are 5 food counters that let you choose from a variety of food options depending on the meal time.  At lunch we saw Indian, pizza, pasta, burgers, sandwiches, salads and more.  Breakfast choices included traditional breakfast fare like pancakes, omelets, French toast, Mickey waffles (Yea!) and breakfast sandwiches. 

 At each counter, your food is prepared fresh as you wait.  (My only complaint was another day at lunch they only had one person making sandwiches, which really slowed down the line.)  My husband had a make your own salad, the kids opted for macaroni and cheese and I chose a burger.  How could I not when the sample looked like Mickey Mouse?



Being on the dining plan, we also all got drinks, desserts and sides with our meals.  We loved that a smoothie counted as a dessert on the meal plan.  There were plenty of other dessert options, including these amazing cupcakes and one of my Disney favorites, chocolate covered rice cereal treats.  Yum!

As a part of the meal plan we were also all given the refillable travel mugs for drinks from the food court.  Between this and the drinks included on the meal plan, we were never short on drinks in the hot Florida sun.

Along with counter service choices, the food court has coolers full of drinks, snack items and quick meal options.  We all really enjoyed our meals at Landscape of Flavors.  The food was fresh, different and tasty.  For the most part, we had very short lines and very short waits for food and to check out.  We typically don’t eat any meals other than breakfast at our resort when we’re at Walt Disney World, because we prefer to eat in the parks.  However, we found the choices at Landscape of Flavors so great that we ate lunch there a few times during our trip.   


Overall, the Art of Animation was fantastic and the food court was great for my family.  I would highly recommend a stay there on your next trip.  And, if you can send me a few of those cupcakes, that would be super!


Happy planning,




Amy is a Disney loving Mom of two boys. She, her husband and her boys love talking about Disney World, reading about Disney World, planning for Disney World and most of all, visiting Disney World! She is a regular writer and “Pinterest Guru” for Walt Disney World Hints.

Nov 09

Surprise! We are going to Disney Series/Blog #5

The last blog you saw that the letter was from Tinker Bell.  Well there are 2 in this one and it will finally come full circle.  This time they received two letters.  The first one was from a grumpy short fellow.  The second one was from a Princess and her prince.

This one I thought was very cute and Grumpy!

This next letter invites them to a dinner as you can see, 1900 Park Fare to be exact.  They really had a dinner reserved for that night.  This was the first actual clue that the kids knew of a date.  They received these letters on Sunday and they were leaving on that Saturday.  They figured it out that it was from Cinderella and Prince Charming.

With this letter they finally figured out they were going to Disney World.  Well, I have to say the reaction was not what you have seen on Disney commercials or even what you may have seen posted from other people.  It just goes to prove that you shouldn’t expect your children to react the same as others.  The reaction was very disappointing to the mom especially.  Her son got mad and accused them of lying to him and the daughter was like, o.k., we are going to Disney.  Like it was no big deal.  It wasn’t until the mom said “Really?  We are going to Disney?” and got really excited that her daughter finally screamed and said “We are going to Disney!”  I’ve seen the video and it was disappointing!  But by the next day they were very excited and they had a GREAT time while they were there.


Nov 09

Surprise! We are going to Disney Series/Blog #4

I really must do better about posting my blogs.  In my last blog you saw that my friends’ children received a letter from Captain Hook.  It was stabbed into their house.  This one comes from someone that is really small and has wings.  Can you guess?  Her letter was so small in print and in size that it would have been easy to miss.  So they wouldn’t miss it, their father attached a small rose with the letter.

They found this letter on their porch.  Here is a picture of the letter and you can see that is was small next to the rose.

In fact, this letter was so small they had to get a magnifying glass to read it.  By this time they realized that this letter was from none other than Tinker Bell.  Once they figured that out, they went backwards and figured out the last one was from Captain Hook and the one before that was from Ariel.  The first one was still stumping them.  But guess what?  They still didn’t realize they were going to Disney World.  The next ones will set it all in motion for them.  Stay tuned……