12 Things to do at Downtown Disney for FREE

What is at Downtown Disney?  Shops, Entertainment and Restaurants all in one place.  Downtown Disney is NOT a theme park so you can go visit here and you can find lots to do.  Is there anything you can do for free?  Well here are some things that you can do:

1.  Go to the Lego store.  Out front there are stations and ramps where you can build your own race car and then race them.  At the back of the store there are Lego tables with tons of Legos for kids to sit and play.

2.  Take your photo with all the different Disney signs and statues throughout Downtown Disney. The Lego statues are really cool to be photographed with too.

3.  Go over to Ghiradelli’s.  The staff hands out free chocolate samples throughout the day. If you can avoid buying anything, the samples are free.

4.  Hunt around for Hidden Mickey’s.

5.  Let the kids play in the fountains or get squirted by Stitch at the World of Disney.

6.  There are dance groups that perform on stage in front of the World of Disney every day. There is a sign announcing performance times by the stage.

7.  Certain times of the year you can take your Christmas photo with special Disney characters for your Christmas card. Usually located near the bus entrance.

8.  Take a water shuttle over to Port Orleans, Saratoga Springs Resort, and Old Key West Resorts. Not only is the boat ride fun, but you can go look around the resorts. You might decide one of these resorts is where you want to stay on your next vacation.

9.  Watch the Princess Parade that walks past the stage over toward the store Once Upon a Toy. Join the crowd and have some fun!

10.  At Arribas Brothers there is a glass blower and a glass cutter on staff doing demonstrations throughout the day.

11.  Head over to Characters in Flight, the hot air balloon.  It floats up 400 feet in the air.  Kids love watching the balloon go up and down, and this makes for great photos.

12.  Window shop! There are so many stores to look around without spending a dime. 

There are many other things to do at Downtown Disney, but this will get you started.  Have fun exploring.

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