How to upgrade your park hopper ticket to an annual pass.

Do you wonder if you can you upgrade your park hopper ticket to an annual pass?  Yes, you can.  Here are some tips:

You can completely use up your park hopper and still upgrade if it’s within the 14-day period. You can even upgrade it from home.  Although it is easier to do at Disney World.

Did you know the date your annual pass starts is the first day you use your park hopper, so if your first park day was August 15th and you upgraded to an annual pass on August 20th, your pass would be backdated to August 15th. The cost of your pass is the difference between what your park hopper is worth and the cost of an Annual Pass.

NOTE:  If you bought your park hoppers tickets from a discount broker like Undercover Tourist, you probably got a savings of $10 or $20 from what Disney charges. Use your park hopper at least one day and you’ll get the full Disney price that day (even if you bought your tickets prior to a price increase). If you don’t use it, they’ll only give you the price that you paid your discount broker.

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