How do you have a disaster Disney trip?

Ways to have a disaster Disney trip:
1.  You don’t have any idea where you are going or what you are doing. Get a plan or get a travel agent to plan for you. Disney World is VERY big!
2.  Wear the wrong shoes – don’t bring your heels ladies. Don’t go for what looks the cutest with your outfit. Bring your comfortable shoes! Also bring some band-aids just in case you get a blister. I brought 2 pairs of flip flops on my last trip (they were comfortable shoes) but you know what? I got blisters and had to borrow my mother’s tennis shoes to finish out my trip!

3. You went during the worst possible time. Check the crowd calendars and find out what it will be like when you are planning on going. Spring Break, Christmas, after Christmas – worst times to go for crowds!

4. You didn’t think about the amount walking involved. Get ready, train for it you will be walking MILES!

5. You didn’t use hand sanitizer. Now you or someone in your family is sick. I am a HUGE believer in hand sanitizer! I don’t want anyone to be sick on our vacation or even bring it home.

6. You don’t rest enough. Nothing says you can’t sleep in, go to the pool, take a break in the middle of the day. Don’t wear everyone out in your family that you are all cranky!

7. You are going to see everything and do everything! BEWARE! I tried that on our first trip as a family – and it was terrible! My husband ended up really NOT LIKING Disney! Can you imagine? Someone not liking Disney? He said it wasn’t a relaxing vacation. Just know you will NOT see everything and do everything. So take the time to enjoy your trip!

8. You forgot to put on the sunscreen. Don’t underestimate the sun! Nothing is worse than being sunburned.