Getting the most out of your Dining Credits for snacks.

Don’t Waste Your Snack Credits On These: 

-Bottled water/soda – These cost around $2.50, and on hot days there is nothing better. However, bring a water bottle from home and bring it to the Parks with you, or fill your resort mug before you leave for the Parks in the morning.

-Ice Cream Cones – These generally cost under $3 so they aren’t a great value. Plus they are messy on hot days!

-Bags of Chips/Pretzels – They are usually priced around $2.50, so you aren’t getting the most of a Snack Credit if you use it on chips/pretzels.

-Pieces of fruit – Apples/bananas/oranges are available for about $1.50 each.

-Muffins/Danish/Bagels – Most are under $3.

Instead, Use Snack Credits For These Items:  

-Boxes of Crackers/cookies – They come in larger quantities than your typical single serve snack. While they aren’t the most exciting items, they are easy to throw in your bag and carry them with you to the Parks, and they can be shared.

-Cupcakes: They tend to be HUGE.

-Cinnamon Roll – These are huge and gooey and can easily be split between two people for a snack, or use one as breakfast.

-Mickey Bars – While these don’t totally maximize your snack credits (as they only cost around $3), but they are delicious and a fun Mickey shaped.

-Mixed Fruit Salad – This is one of the few healthier items available as a snack credit.

-Ice Cream Sundae – You tend to get more with a sundae than a cone, and they come in a bowl which makes them much easier to eat.

-Other Ice Cream/frozen specialties – things like root beer floats, iced coffees, smoothies, ice cream cookie sandwiches, etc – these are considered “specialties” and therefore cost more than just an ice cream cone, which make them a better use of a credit

-Cake Pop/Piece of Cake/Cheesecake – Cakes and cheesecakes at WDW are usually pretty good and can be a decent use of a credit.

General rule of thumb is to get as close to the $5 max as possible.