Pin Codes…..What are they and how do you get them?

Pin Codes……..  These are one of the most sought after discounts that Disney offers.  Disney releases discounts that are available to everyone but there are a few discounts that only get circulated through e-mail or mail and these are known as Pin Codes.

There is no sure way to get a Disney Pin code, but here are some tricks.  These Pin Codes are non transferable and are linked to you and your address so you cannot share these with your friends or family.  However, you can book 2 rooms with them.

  1. Play around on the Disney sites. Create a vacation and save it. Search the deals and offers. Just make sure your logged in. Disney monitors what you do on their website.  Do this every day or every few days.  I have done this several times and I have received several pin codes by mail.
  2. Order a Disney Planning DVD.   Do this every year –  it’s free and doesn’t cost you a thing.
  3. Go to the Disney World or Disneyland site and create an account.  You can sign up with your work email and personal account.
  4. Get an account with Photopass too. This is a great service at the parks to ensure you get pictures of your whole family.  How many times is someone missing from your pictures because that person is taking the picture?
  5. Register for Giveaways.  The more active you are on the Disney websites, the better your chances.
  6. Another thing to keep in mind when you do get that pin code…..even if it says it is good for a certain month, check with Disney because I have done this and found that it was good during another month that I really wanted to go.  So it never hurts to find out if you can use it for the exact dates you want.
  7. You may not get one right away, but just keep trying.  Sign up everywhere you can with Disney.