Reservations for Be Our Guest Restaurant

Disney announced today that it will begin taking Advanced Dining Reservations (ADR) for Be Our Guest Restaurant starting on August 20th 2012! Also that this all new restaurant will be open to the public beginning on December 6th!  Online reservations start August 22, 2012.

I was on the phone with a wonderful lady from Disney’s Dining and she said that she has gotten information that Be Our Guest and ALL OF FANTASYLAND will be open to the public on Nov. 19th. So if you are going to be there anytime after Nov. 19th you can get reservations to Be Our Guest. She told me that dinner is 1 dining credit NO CHARACTERS, there is a West Wing and Ballroom for Dinner and there is a Twirling Larger than LIFE Belle and Beast in the other room and that is where the Quick Service will be at lunch time. She said there is FIREWORKS SEATING INSIDE THE CASTLE. Any special requests for seating need to be made at the podium. She suggested something that I thought was a PERFECT way to get your seating you want…… Stop in the Castle in the morning, tell them you have reservations at such and such time and you would like to be seated in the West Wing or Ballroom or where you can see the fireworks and they should be more likely to accomodate you rather than walking in 5-10 minutes before your reservation and tell them where you want to sit.