Surprise! We are going to Disney Series/Blog #3

Alright, I left you hanging long enough.  Sorry!  The next letter in the series comes from none other than Captain Hook.  Take a look at the letter, then let me tell you how they received this letter:

Of course, the letter was signed “H.” so they had to figure it out.  Well, this letter was stabbed into the side of their house with a dagger.  The mom pretended to be scared about it and the son just grinned and said “It’s an adventure!”  He started to give her ideas of what it could mean and he started to scare his little sister a little.  Here is a picture of it stuck into the house:

After talking more about it and thinking it over they thought this might be Captain Hook.  Disney might have been mentioned but that was it.  They still didn’t outright guess it.  The next letter comes from a fairy.  Stay tuned…….