Disney Cruise Line vs. Royal Caribbean

I haven’t taken a Disney Cruise yet but I have been on several Royal Caribbean Cruises.  I was talking to a cast member of Disney Cruise line this morning and was asking her the difference between the two and she shared a bunch of information with me.  She said she just got off a Royal Caribbean cruise so it was all fresh in her mind.

Here are some things that Disney Cruise ships have:

  1. Full Movie Theater
  2. No Fees for movies in your staterooms with 175 to choose from – Royal Caribbean charges $12 per movie.
  3. They have a 24 hour beverage machine on the pool deck.  This is HUGE!  Royal Caribbean you have to purchase a drink cart or pay for each one.  Very EXPENSIVE!
  4. They have fireworks at sea – on the night of Pirate Night there is a deck party up on the pool deck and they shoot off fireworks.  Disney Cruise line is the ONLY cruise line that has fireworks at sea.
  5. The rooms on Disney ships are bigger.
  6. The kids programs are SO MUCH better.
  7. You rotate in 3 different restaurants each night (now adult only restaurants are extra) – Royal Caribbean you stay in the same restaurant unless you pay to go to a different one.
  8. There is a 24 hour ICE CREAM machine!
  9. OH!  I cannot forget that the 2 newest ships (Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy) have the first ever AquaDuck – water coaster at sea!  I cannot wait to get on this!


I am sure there are more differences but these are just a few to get you started.  Yes, a Disney Cruise may be more expensive than a Royal Caribbean cruise but given all the extras it is worth it.  I look forward to taking my next cruise on Disney!