Expectations! What happens if you set them too high? Part 2

This comes from my other friend who had her own take on Expectations.  I will just let you read it for yourself.  Thanks Heather!

Disney is magical and so are the dreams that are conjured up by the parents that every moment of their vacation there is going to be just like the pictures you see online. Here are the facts and myths of MY Disney vacation:
1) Myth: the picture of the little girls lovingly hugging Cinderella
Fact: my two year old rubs Cinderella’s dress, tells her she looks pretty but immediately asks where is Rapunzel??
2) Myth: that you will speak lovingly to your children and your husband the entire time you’re there because there won’t be any need to do otherwise.
Fact: That is just nonsense.
3) Myth: That when you ask your kid, “What was your most favorite part of Disney World?” that they answer “Magic Kingdom” or “Epcot” or “the $15 face painting.”
Fact: That when you ask your kid, “What was your most favorite part of Disney World?” they will answer “The pool at the hotel.”
4) Myth: that you really won’t need the ponchos you bought.
5) Myth: It will only take a few minutes to get from your hotel (even if you stay at Disney) to whatever park you go to that day.
Fact: It takes a lot longer than that if you consider the time you have to wait for the bus and then the ride there. Consider this when you are making an effort to get to a reservation.
6) Myth: Your husband will not complain when his feet get wet by the rain. (Because he must be the ONLY person in the entire park that this happens to….)
Fact: He WILL.
7) Myth: that you are in shape enough that the walking and standing and lugging strollers and bags and children won’t affect you.
Fact: you will feel like you need to rent a hoveround by day 2.
8) Myth: that you won’t spend any money on souvinirs.
Fact: you are delusional.
These are just a few things that happened on our Disney vacation….but we still had a WONDERFUL time and made a lot of beautiful memories. I think that when I booked the trip, the grandeur in my mind grew and grew and grew. Let’s face it; Disney is very expensive. So, making the commitment to go is MAJOR. With that being said, you want the best, most special vacation that you just spent several thousand dollars on to go not only well, you want it to go FANTASTICALLY! I personally was trying to make the most of every minute of the day because it might be a “once-a-decade” kind of thing for us. But, I had to remember that my expectations are not the same as my children’s expectations. While they are whining because they want to finish coloring their picture at the hotel breakfast table, I am wanting them to have the same burning desire that I have about catching the bus to go to Epcot. THAT ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN. I think the most important thing to remember is that unless you are at Disney World on your honeymoon, you most likely booked the trip FOR YOUR KIDS. Don’t impose YOUR expecations on your kids’ good time. Afterall, this is their trip. They are going to have a great time–but you have to let things happen at a natural pace. Once I realized that I could go to Disney World every single day for 6 months and never actually see it all, I relaxed. Enjoy the moment. Don’t spend it wishing you were moving faster, doing more things, spending less money! Relax!