Surprise! We are going to Disney Series/Blog #4

I really must do better about posting my blogs.  In my last blog you saw that my friends’ children received a letter from Captain Hook.  It was stabbed into their house.  This one comes from someone that is really small and has wings.  Can you guess?  Her letter was so small in print and in size that it would have been easy to miss.  So they wouldn’t miss it, their father attached a small rose with the letter.

They found this letter on their porch.  Here is a picture of the letter and you can see that is was small next to the rose.

In fact, this letter was so small they had to get a magnifying glass to read it.  By this time they realized that this letter was from none other than Tinker Bell.  Once they figured that out, they went backwards and figured out the last one was from Captain Hook and the one before that was from Ariel.  The first one was still stumping them.  But guess what?  They still didn’t realize they were going to Disney World.  The next ones will set it all in motion for them.  Stay tuned……