Surprise! We are going to Disney Series/Blog #5

The last blog you saw that the letter was from Tinker Bell.  Well there are 2 in this one and it will finally come full circle.  This time they received two letters.  The first one was from a grumpy short fellow.  The second one was from a Princess and her prince.

This one I thought was very cute and Grumpy!

This next letter invites them to a dinner as you can see, 1900 Park Fare to be exact.  They really had a dinner reserved for that night.  This was the first actual clue that the kids knew of a date.  They received these letters on Sunday and they were leaving on that Saturday.  They figured it out that it was from Cinderella and Prince Charming.

With this letter they finally figured out they were going to Disney World.  Well, I have to say the reaction was not what you have seen on Disney commercials or even what you may have seen posted from other people.  It just goes to prove that you shouldn’t expect your children to react the same as others.  The reaction was very disappointing to the mom especially.  Her son got mad and accused them of lying to him and the daughter was like, o.k., we are going to Disney.  Like it was no big deal.  It wasn’t until the mom said “Really?  We are going to Disney?” and got really excited that her daughter finally screamed and said “We are going to Disney!”  I’ve seen the video and it was disappointing!  But by the next day they were very excited and they had a GREAT time while they were there.