Secrets are so hard to keep!

Well, if you have been following me on Facebook, you know that we are coming up on our SURPRISE trip to Disney World for our son.  I am so excited about it, but let me tell you – these last few days have been EXTREMELY hard to keep it a secret!  I am so excited I am about to bust and I can’t slip here at the last minute and say anything.  Afterall, I have kept my mouth shut for about 9 months already.  This is how the plan is going in the morning.  I am a homeschool mom so we take field trips often.  Our son said he wanted to take a field trip on Saturday so daddy can go with us.  I thought perfect!  So our plan is to wake him early in the morning because our plane leaves early.  He has also been saving his money for several weeks now in anticipation of going to the Lego store on December 1st.  That is what we first told him.  We said we would match whatever he made during that time and he could spend it at the Lego store.  This will actually be his spending money instead.

We are heading to the “zoo” – that is what we finally decided upon and then to the Lego store later.  We have a busy day tomorrow.  I will tell him we need to get an early start and the zoo is a little drive from our house so we need to get there when they open.  He will need to brush his teeth and when he is done put his toothbrush in his suitcase downstairs because we are actually going to a different Lego store too.  One that we haven’t been to in a while so we will spend the night.  When he goes downstairs he will find his “suitcase” and open it to this:


Tomorrow cannot get here fast enough.  Stay tuned for how it all turns out – his reaction and whether or not he actually knew…….