The Reaction!

Many of you are waiting to hear how our son responded to his “Surprise.” Let me just re-play the morning for you. He totally messed us up. To begin with I was planning on getting up at 5:15 and getting ready and finish packing my last minute stuff that morning. Well a little after 4 a.m. he walked into the room – he had had a bad dream and wanted in bed with us. I put him in bed with us and I was afraid I would wake him up since it hadn’t been too long since he had fallen asleep. So, I decided to get up about 5:00 a.m. (since I never did go back to sleep) and get ready. I wanted all the luggage in the car before he woke up. Well, I took my suitcase into his room and just finished zipping it up (my husband had gotten up shortly after I did and was in the shower) when out walks our son. He asked “Why are we up so early?” I told him we needed to get an early start to make it to the zoo and to the Lego store. I also said we were going to a different Lego store that we hadn’t been to in a while so we needed to travel a little ways and we were going to spend the night.

I told him to go back to bed or he could get up. He said he would get up. At this point I am starting to panic because the plan was that my husband would be downstairs to video all of it and he was still in the shower. I told my son to go brush his teeth and he could ride in this pajamas. While he was brushing his teeth I told my husband to hurry up. He hurried and got out and finished getting ready. He went on downstairs and took my luggage (the one that I had just finished putting the Magical Express tag on – that I shoved out of the way and put my pillow on top when my son saw me) to the car. I was stalling our son to give my husband time to get downstairs and get his phone on. I told “E” to go put his toothbrush in his bag that I already packed and was downstairs.

He went downstairs to put it in the bag and don’t you know he starts to put it in an outside zipper part of that bag. I said “No, not there, inside the bag!” I know he was thinking his mommy was CRAZY! I helped him unzip the bag and he just watched the balloon pop out. He looked into the empty suitcase (which had his Elf on the Shelf in it) and back up into the air to the balloon. Then back again to the suitcase, then back to the balloon. Finally he stood and read the sign attached to the balloon and said “We are going to Disney? Today?” Then he started jumping up and down! The look on his face was priceless! I will never forget it.

Was it hard to keep it a secret? You bet it was. Was it worth it? Oh yes it was! Thankfully we were able to talk about it because our son thought we were saving for next year. That did help things. So will you surprise your child(ren) with a Disney vacation? Have you ever? Tell us about it. What was the reaction you got?