Art of Animation stay, the good and the bad.

I need to start this article with the fact that we have never stayed in a value resort.  So we did not know what to expect.  But I just had to stay at the Art of Animation on our last trip.  I wanted to be able to tell my clients what it was all about and whether or not I would recommend it or not.  Let me first start by saying that the theme of this resort is AWESOME!  I couldn’t believe it when we stepped of the Magical Express.  My husband kept asking me “This is a value resort?”

So let me start with the good…..  Wherever you step on the Art of Animation you are immersed in the movies.  This is a kid’s dream come true.  We stayed in the Lion King suites and our son LOVED it.  He couldn’t have been happier. 

We ate at the food court on a few occasions and we found all the food to be great.  We had nothing bad that I remember.  The resort is spread out but not so spread out that you feel like you are walking forever to get somewhere.  There are several pools to choose from and of course they are themed like the movies too.

As I said above, we stayed in the Lion King Suite.  I had reservations about this particular room because it looked VERY BUSY to me.  When we stepped into the room it was amazing.  I didn’t feel overwhelmed with all the colors going on and I didn’t feel it was too busy once I was there.  I will say that it was a little smaller than what it appears to be in the pictures.  Even our son said he thought it was going to be bigger.  It was still perfect for our family – we could stay up while he went to bed – we didn’t have to have all lights out so he could sleep.

The suite has 2 rooms – the living room with a table (that pulls out to make a bed) and a small bedroom.  There are also 2 bathrooms – one with the living area and one in the bedroom.  There is a microwave, sink, refrigerator area also.  There were 2 TV’s – one in the living area and one in the bedroom.  The bathroom in the bedroom had a shower only (and a very cool one at that) and the main living area bathroom had a bathtub.  These suites have interior hallways – so you have no outside doors like all the other value and moderate resorts.  The Little Mermaid building has NO interior hallways, just so you know.  All of the cast members that we encountered were super nice.

Now for the bad, yes there was a little bad with this resort.  It was super loud!  The walls were paper thin so we heard our neighbors very well.  There were kids yelling up and down the hall and doors slamming.  Now mind you, we ALWAYS have the luck of getting stuck next to loud people or something not quite right on our vacations.  We kind of find it amusing – after the fact.  When you are trying to get your child to sleep at a decent time after you have been up since about 5:00 in the morning and been traveling all day, the last thing you want is loud people that keep your child up.  The hallways seemed to echo.  Now I know there are no sound proof rooms anywhere but I did expect it to be a little quieter.  I would say that was our only complaint.  It was so bad the first night we had to call the front desk to complain about the people next to us.

So would we stay there again?  I would, however, my husband on the other hand?  Well, if he had a choice of going to Disney and staying at a value resort or staying home, he would stay home.  That is just my husband though – Disney isn’t his favorite place.