Be Our Guest review

On our recent trip to Disney World, we had the opportunity to eat at Be Our Guest restaurant.  I made these reservations way back the day they started taking reservations.  I was so excited to try this new restaurant.  The castle is remarkable, beautiful in every way.  Disney, once again, out did themselves.  The lions pillars at the front door give it a grand feeling and when you walk inside is just continues on.  We were seated in the ballroom. 

 I must say sitting there and looking out the window and watching it snow, awww…..made me feel like it was really snowing outside.

There is not a lot of selections on the menu – the adult menu consisted of Pork, Cornish Hen, Salmon, Shrimp & Scallops and Ratatouille for the main course.  The kids menu was even smaller to choose from so if you have a picky eater, you might want to take a look before you go.  I have a picky eater and there really wasn’t anything that he would eat.  The kids menu has Grilled Steak, Fish, or Chicken and Whole Grain Macaroni.  We went with some friends and one of the girls has food allergies.  So, I got to experience first hand Disney with food allergies.  The chef came to our table and asked what kind of allergies she had.  He then told her parents what she could eat and what she needed to stay away from.  They took great care of her and she was even able to have dessert fixed for her.  The women (my friend and I) decided to order the Rotisserie Cornish Hen and the men ordered the Grilled Strip Steak.  My son and our friend’s one daughter ordered steak off the kids menu and the other daughter ordered French Onion Soup (she is the one with food allergies – she has nut allergies and the chef made sure she had no bread in her soup).  Kathie (this was my friend) and I both said the chicken was different.  Parts of it was good and parts of it was just ok.  We both tasted our husband’s steak and we both agreed that if we came back we would order the steak.  It was delicious!!  My son didn’t like his steak, but as I said he is a picky eater.  The other child who ordered steak loved hers and ate it all.  I believe the french onion soup was tasty too.

Now on to dessert….I ordered the Triple Chocolate Cupcake and my husband ordered the Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake.  Those were the two desserts that were ordered all around our table too.  They were both very tasty!

And of course, we can’t forget The Grey Stuff.  Since I had told them weeks before we arrived that my husband and I were celebrating our anniversary, we got to taste The Grey Stuff.  The waitress brought it to our table and said it was delicious!  It is a small portion of Grey Stuff but we passed it around so everyone could taste it.  It is kind of like a chocolate mousse (I am guessing here) with silver crispy balls on top.  Now with all the hype over The Grey Stuff, and from what our waitress said, I expected this to be “To Die For”.  However, it was just o.k.  – THIS IS MY OPINION.  It was good but I wouldn’t say I HAD TO HAVE IT!  So, if you don’t get The Grey Stuff, you are not missing much.

To end our evening we were invited to look around the other rooms and then before we left we were told that Beast was accepting Guests in the Library.  We made our way over to the Library but he wasn’t there because periodically throughout dinner music starts playing and Beast is introduced and he walks through the Ballroom and then storms into the West Wing.  We waited for a few minutes and Beast returned to the Library where we were able to take pictures with him.  The restaurant originally stated that there was no character dining here so we were pleasantly surprised to find Beast.  I do not know if this is a permanent thing or not.

I would definitely recommend dining here.  You also need to make reservations VERY EARLY on because this is another one like Cinderella’s Royal Table – it is booking fast and FAR in advance.  Have you eaten here?  What did you think?  I was unable to try it for the quick service lunch because it was closed the next two days for the Press – we went a couple days before Grand Opening Celebration.