Agent P anyone?

Do you have a Phineas and Ferb fan in your family?  We sure do.  Our son LOVES Phineas and Ferb and Agent P is one of his favorite characters.  We decided to do the Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure on our last trip.  As I have stated before, we went with friends and they, too, have Phineas and Ferb fans.  So we decided to do this adventure together. 

Kathie and I went to get Fastpasses to Soarin’ and let the husbands take the kids to the Agent P kiosk and sign up for their adventure.  We then met up to start the adventure.  Here is a picture of the phone the kids were given:

We started at the first destination which was Mexico.  It was fun to hear the clues and figure out where to go and see pictures of what you were suppose to find.  Pointing the phone at certain objects and watching things happen to those objects was fun too.  The kids really enjoyed the adventure.  It took about 30 minutes or so to complete one mission.  After a while the oldest lost interest and her and her dad went to ride rides.  My husband was getting tired of the back and forth and I told him to go sit down and wait for us.  We made it to the next mission which we got to choose from a list of lands and we chose the closest one which was Germany.  By the time we got finished with the Germany adventure, us adults were tired of the back and forth and told the 2 youngest we were going to ride rides and we could continue on later if we wanted to pick it back up. 

Here is a before picture and an after picture of what one of the things does:


All in all it was lots of fun but the only draw back that we saw as parents that it was a lot of back and forth.  You would literally just finish a clue and be sent to one spot to go right back to where you just were for another clue.  The other thing that we noticed was that it took up a LOT of time.  So, my suggestion is if you have Phineas and Ferb fans, do the adventure but limit it to 1-2 missions and then if you have time later on you can always go back and finish this up.  There is no cost to you, it is FREE.  You are able to keep the phone all day long and when you are ready to head out of the park you can hand the phone to ANY Cast Member – you DO NOT have to go back to the kiosk to turn it in.  That was a nice perk!