I love it when dreams come true!

There are several reasons why I love what I do, but nothing makes me happier to know that someone’s dream comes true.  While I didn’t have anything to do with the cast members that made this dream come true for my clients, I am just happy to have helped plan this vacation.

This is from a recent client that went to Disney for their first trip in October……..

We had a blast on our trip. There were so many times that I felt like you were with us because I kept telling my family, “Tabitha said…”. I felt like you were our personal tour guide. Going on the dining plan was amazing! I can’t even imagine going without it. Now we are spoiled : ) We liked the room and the resort. And if/when we go back we will definitely go back during the same time of year. We hardly had to wait in lines and we rode everything we wanted to, some rides twice, and some (Dumbo) four times! It was wonderful! The cast could not have been nicer and just to explain what I mean here is the VERY BEST part of the whole trip:

Our first night there we went to have dinner at 1900 Park Fare. Did I mention that I am a HUGE Cinderella fan? HUGE. Cinderella wedding and all. Well, it MAY have been my VERY LARGE expectations of Cinderella, but when she came to our table we were disappointed. She was not overly friendly, but not at all mean. Just a let down from the very high pedestal I had placed her on. But alas, the night was not a total bust…the stepmother and stepsisters were a hoot! We still talk about them. DSC02483

However, I was determined that the next time we were at the Magic Kingdom we were going to track Cinderella down so I could see her, take pictures, and get pictures with my daughter in her Cinderella dress that we didn’t bring to the 1900 Park Fare dinner. A few days passed before we got back to the Magic Kingdom, but the big day was finally here. It was our last day of vacation and our last day at the Magic Kingdom. We each got to pick the one thing we wanted to do that day, my daughter and son both wanted to go on Dumbo again – shocker! My husband wanted to ride space mountain, and well, I wanted to see Cinderella. So, our day was set. We pack all the necessary Cinderella seeing equipment and were off. On the ride to the kingdom I told my husband that as soon as we arrived I would go to guest relations and find out when and where Cinderella would be that day and we could then plan accordingly. As we were walking in, the ever so friendly cast members were outside to great everyone when one lady noticed my daughter wearing a Cinderella shirt and said, “Good Morning Cinderella!” “Are you going to see Cinderella today?” We nodded yes, and she replied “She is right inside at the theater.” I am pretty sure I heard, “On you mark, get set, GO!” We ran right inside and headed to the theater. But as soon as I saw the big clock say that the princess line was a forty minute wait, I knew that was not going to happen. Did I mention that we were totally spoiled by this point and hadn’t waited in line for more than fifteen minutes for anything? Oh, but then the clouds parted and I saw the magical sign that said Fast Passes Available. Yea! We got our fastpasses and set out with the rest of our day.

We returned at the appointed time and got ready to see Cinderella (and all the unimportant princesses too). I got our daughter changed into her Cinderella dress, got cameras out and ready. Ooooo….the moment had arrived. We were the next group to be ushered into the room that held the best princess ever!!!! The door opens, we are ushered in and after a quick glance around…no Cinderella. What???!! What has gone terribly wrong here? I immediately and as calmly as I could possibly be at this precise moment asked a cast member if Cinderella was here. Maybe she had just stepped out for a moment, I thought. No. We were told that she hadn’t been in the theater all morning. Impossible, I thought. I, ever so sweetly conveyed to the sweet cast member what we had been told earlier in the morning. And asked if she knew where Cinderella would be the rest of the day because we really wanted to see her. Noticed I said wanted. I meant needed. This whole trip was riding on a wonderful Cinderella encounter for me. No one else, not my two year old – just me. The lady disappeared and while there was a slight line leading up to the other three (unimportant) princesses, I asked my husband if it was even worth standing here to get the autographs of three people my children really don’t even know. He said that we were there and we might as well. Fine. I’ll be nice to the princesses. We did it, we talked and got all the princesses autographs, and pictures. And wouldn’t you know, the lady that disappeared before was still no where to be found.  So I told my husband we would just go over to guest relations when we were done here.

We finished our goodbyes with Princess Jasmine when a man appeared to hold the exit door open for us and then looked at my daughter and said, “Come this way Princess, we have a surprise for you.” I looked at my husband with what must have been the biggest eyes I have ever had. He opened the door and there right before our very eyes was Cinderella! We were in a room all alone with Cinderella!! Again…(for dramatic affect) We were in a room all alone with Cinderella!! (Well, not really alone. A photopass photographer, and what we dubbed as the character handler was also there.) And this Cinderella – the real one in my mind – was completely wonderful! She danced with my daughter, took about a million pictures with us, taught us how to pose like a princess, oh, I could go on and on. It was just magical. We were in there for at least five minutes, probably closer to ten. Her (handler) finally told Cinderella that it was time for here to get ready for the parade. Which we probably made her late for, since we walked outside from there and the parade had already started. Even if that had been our first day at Disney and not our last, I could have left right then. Nothing could have topped that experience. Nothing. Dreams really do come true at Disney!DSC02478(rev 0)

And yes, we did report to guest relations after that to compliment the cast members who helped make that dream come true.

I LOVE it when Disney makes a dream come true – in this case for the mom!  Thanks for sharing this Julie B.  I am so glad to hear you ended up with a magical trip!  Have you had a magical moment happen?  Tell us about it.