Cruise Requirements – Passports or Not?

I have been asked this several times so I thought I would help clear it up.  Disney does not require passports.  HOWEVER, they do require a valid driver’s license and birth certificate (original or certified copy).  If it is for children, just a birth certificate will work UNLESS the child is 16 or aboveTHEN you must have a driver’s license or a State Issued ID which you can get from the driver’s license office.  HOWEVER HOWEVER HOWEVER – BIG NOTE HERE:  IF you are on your cruise and you MUST fly out to get home for some reason you WILL NOT be able to leave because you are in another country!  SO YOU WOULD HAVE TO FINISH SAILING then head home.  So they do push passports for that reason.

NOTE:  This is for sailings out of the US only!  Passport Card will not allow you to fly home either.