Some Money Saving Suggestions For Your Next Disney Trip

It is my pleasure to welcome Michelle again.  She is guest blogging for me today on tips for saving money for a Disney trip.  I get this question a lot and she has some creative ways to save.  I have done one of them for our last trip.  You will be amazed at how fast the money adds up.  Thanks again Michelle!         


     I don’t know about you, but unfortunately, we are not a family that can afford to take a Disney vacation every year – nothing against those of you who can and/or do.  For most, a Disney vacation is a big expense and is something that is planned and saved for for several months or more.  I’m forever trying to come up with more ways to save money to put towards our Disney vacation – sometimes I’m successful at saving and sometimes things just happen.  So I thought I’d share with you a few of the things we do to save a little extra money for our Disney vacation!

DSC01395     We start our savings by first making a Disney FUNds Jar!!  In the past we’ve used a Disney souvenir popcorn bucket, a milk or juice jug, a baby wipes tub or a jar of any kind – and decorate it with wrapping or scrapbook paper, stickers, ribbons or anything fun!  All change gets emptied into it at the end of each day, I’ll even add any dollar bills that I’ve got at the end of the week.  All money made or saved for vacation is then placed into the jar as well. 



     To make some extra money for our Disney trip, I do something I love to do – craft!!!  I started  making vacation (or any occasion) countdown boards and selling them at area craft shows and to my Disney loving friends. 286903_4733953075529_1493536860_o (1)   It’s  something fun to do with my spare time and the money I make on each board (after the cost of supplies) then goes in the jar!

     In the spring and summer months I love to have garage/yard sales!  It’s a great way to make some extra money and get rid of all the things we no longer need, use or want.  I always have one right before the start of school to unload all the clothes my son has outgrown or doesn’t like since the last school year.  Another thing I do with my son’s items is take them to a children’s resale shop.  These resale shops also take toys, books, videos, baby items such as stroller’s, and ride on toys – just about anything they have a need for.  Sometimes they don’t pay the best, but if you can’t sell the stuff in a garage sale, at least you’ll make more on the stuff than just giving it away!  All money made peddling our junk goes straight to the jar!

     I’ve tried, without much success, the whole extreme couponing thing.  Honestly, I have the time to do it but found that the coupons are mostly for items that we don’t need or use and I don’t have room to stockpile a lot of things for future use, so it was really a waste of my time.  However, when I do use coupons, I total up what I saved by using them and put that amount of money in to the FUNds jar!!  Every little bit helps!

There are lots of other little things you can do to add a bit more money to the savings like making it a rule to never spend coins – if something costs $1.25, pay with $2.00 instead and drop the 75 cents in the jar.  Afraid that the temptation of spending some of your funds from the jar?  Open a savings account at your bank for vacation purpose only, and deposit the money from the jar every so often.  Does your bank offer a Christmas Club savings plan?  If you have enough time before the trip, enroll and use it for vacation instead! Or maybe plan to put as little as $5.00 out of each paycheck into the FUNDs jar? Can you spare a little from your income tax return?  Maybe you can come up with some other ways to help your family save a bit for that dream vacation! You’ll be surprised by how fast it adds up!  Don’t worry, You may not save enough money to pay for the whole trip, but you can certainly save enough to help have a good time!!


A little bit about me: My name is Michelle and I eat, sleep and breathe Disney!! I am a stay at home mom of one very special boy! In my free time I love to scrapbook our past Disney vacations, plan our upcoming visits and also help friends plan their Disney adventures!!!