Faith. Trust. Pixie Dust. Eating at Disney with Food Allergies

It is my pleasure, once again, to welcome a guest blogger to Mousecation!  This time it is a dear friend of mine.  Thank you Kathie for sharing your experience of dining with allergies at Disney.  I had the opportunity to witness the chefs coming to the tables a couple times when we dined together.

Faith. Trust. Pixie Dust. We love the Disney Fairy movies. We love Disney. However, traveling and dining out with a child who has multiple food allergies can be an overwhelming event. Such an event requires faith, trust, and diligence. Our faith is in God, to bless our travels/dining and keep us safe. We must also be able to trust those who are preparing the food. Finally, the diligence of traveling and dining out with a food allergy child falls on us, the parents, and maybe the child if he/she is old enough. Planning ahead is essential. Disney makes this so easy. When you make a reservation, you can indicate that someone in the party has food allergies. Your reservation is then flagged so the staff can be prepared for you when you arrive. As always, you should reiterate the allergy situation when you arrive.

During our recent trip to Disney, each time we arrived for our reservations, we mentioned the allergies and were treated most professionally. The server confirmed the allergies with us at the table. Then, the chef came to our table to talk with us and our daughter. The chef’s focus was to find out what our IMG_0905daughter WANTED to eat so it could be made safely for her. The highlight of our daughter’s dining pleasure at Disney was dessert. We ALWAYS forgo desserts because of the allergies. While at Disney, though, our daughter was able to have dessert. In fact, the chef at the Beirgarten (in Germany at Epcot) assembled an assorted dessert plate specifically for our daughter. When he presented it to her at our table, the look on her face was priceless. She truly felt special, like a princess.

We were also able to dine safely at quick service locations. At these locations, we indicated our daughter’s allergies prior to ordering. We were patiently guided through the menu as we made our choices. We did not speak with any of the chefs at the quick service locations, however, I am sure that they would have taken the time to speak with us if we had asked. And don’t forget about Downtown Disney. We were met with the same care and concern there as we were in the kingdoms.

Our recent experience at Disney taught us that all you have to do is ask and communicate. If you have a concern, express it. The staff at Disney sincerely wants you to enjoy your visit and will do whatever they can to make sure you do. Because of this, we were able to spend more time enjoying the faith, trust, and pixie dust magic of Disney and less time scrutinizing menus and ingredients.

Hi. I’m Kathie, a wife and mother. I am blessed by the saving grace of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. My husband and I are enjoying the benefits and pleasures of homeschooling our two daughters. Our older daughter is a sweet, rule-seeking, lovable 10 year old. She has taken us down the path of living with seasonal and food allergies. Our younger daughter is an energetic, bubbly, party-waiting-to-happen 7 year old. She has taken us down the path of living with allergies to stinging insects (ants, wasps, etc). We learn something new every day with these two sweet girls. When I am not serving my husband or teaching my girls, I enjoy snapping photos, reading books, and hanging out with friends and family. I am daily learning how to follow the path God planned for me.