Rope Drop Anyone?

Have you ever been to Rope Drop?  What is it, you might ask?  Well, it is the opening of the park.  My family has never been to Rope Drop because we just don’t get up in time.  However, I have heard it was great!  My husband’s cousin was at Rope Drop the last time they were at Disney.  They got to Magic Kingdom EARLY and guess what?  They were chosen to be the Family of the Day.

See what she had to say about it and what the Family of the Day got.

“The park opened at 9 and I think we were there between 8 and 8:15.   It was the best experience ever – they took us for a ride up and down Main St. in the fire car and had the photographer take a ton of pictures. The host that opened gave all the girls a few pins and we got a certificate to
jump to the front of the line to see Mickey in Town Hall.”

Yes, this is them up on top at the Train Station welcoming everyone into the park!

Rope Drop