It is my pleasure to welcome Laurie Smith again!  She gives us the low down on Disney City Girl over on Playdom.  You can go over there and sign up – click here:  https://hiddenobjects.playdom.com/games/citygirl/signup

Disney City Girl

Players are assigned a female character about 20 years old.  The goal is to participate in the daily fashion contest and to do assigned tasks.  Players assign their character with a job and decorate their apartment as they wish.  Disney City GirlSome items have stars to indicate the quality of the item when giving out friendship, fun, health, hygienne, and rest.  Pay to play players can avoid waiting for friends to gift needed items and to have a better gaming experience.

Unless a player has lots of friends the tasks can be daunting.  I have Jenna who is your game friend and two other players as friends.  To finish one task took me three days as I did not have enough friends.  I am stuck on completing one of the missions as I cannot get friends to donate the needed items.  I am a hardcore gamer with 1500 plus friends yet I have only 8 people who have tried this game.  I have learned to go to Jenna to get the most points from her computer. The point is that one must not go for the expensive apartment but just stick to the second level apartment while visiting friends to use their 2 and 3 star items.  I save money by using my friend’s 2 star treadmill instead of buying one myself.  The daily contest gives you Glam Points which can be used to buy furniture and clothing.  Mindlessly clicking on whatever is in front of you can get you lot of Glam Points.  One sad note is that you cannot sell excess items like bolts or good vibes.  Players cannot sell the clothes that come with the character.

This game can does have some strange things going on.  Characters whip into a towel for a shower or into an gym clothes to use the treadmill. “Relieve Self” is where the character sits on the toilet, waits, gets up and out pops nail polish and 2 EXP. The character goes for a salad and shakes the contents then guzzles down the contents.  This is the same action in one and two star fridges. I do not know anyone who guzzles salad. If one likes to dress up a character, do tasks, decorate homes, and do tasks then this is a game for you.  As a gamer it is a standard game where one does missions and tasks while working hard on using energy to gain items, reward points, experience, and money.  It is easy to play.  The graphics are well done and give the feel of a coffee shop or NYC apartment. With hard work and time one can get some nice items but there is not that much variety.  I wonder if in the future there will be 4 and 5 star items for regular players.  Pay to play really helps one get through this game as does having lots of friends.