Disney Can Bring Even Strangers Together

Alyssa is back to share about how her son met a stranger and they had Disney in common…..

Taking a small break from food to tell you about our very nice wait time for a flight.
So today we are at the airport getting to go to CA to visit family & my son first sees Disney bags! He really got excited about them.bags He then asked me if he could go throw away his trash so I said yes. So he does and on his way back he, having no qualms about anything, walks up to the lady with the Disney bags who is sitting across from us and asks her “Did you go to Disneyland or Walt Disney World?”
Well folks my son has crossed over officially to the Disney side.  My shock aside, the nice woman turned to my son and politely told him she and her family just came back from Walt Disney World.  He then asked her “Did you have a good time? How did you book your trip, my mom writes for a Disney blog you should read it”. Yes, my face was bright red and my mouth wide open :O  But my goodness, if that woman didn’t look him in the eye and say “We had a lovely time, we used a vacation planer, that is very nice, is she good at it? If she is, you can give me the site” so for next thirty minutes this lovely lady talked to my son all about Disney until our flight came in.
So what I am getting at here is, have you, or someone you know ever made contact with a stranger over your love of Disney?
And what is it about Disney that we love so much we feel comfortable enough to walk up and talk to strangers?  I have made many friends through Disney, as has our son. On our last trip to WDW he made a few friends in the park and he still keeps in touch with them. What about you?
“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.”
 ~ J.M. Berrie, Peter Pan
My Name is Alyssa, I am a mother of a 7 year old boy & the wife of a man who proudly serves the US in it’s Army.  I am from CA the home of “The Happiest Place On Earth”.  My first Disney trip was when my mom was six months pregnant with me.  And from then on once to twice a year for 27 years we have made the long trek to Disneyland or even Walt Disney World.  I am a Disney addict, my whole family are Disney addicts : ) We live, breath, bleed Disney : )  I love doing crafts of all kinds, & teaching our son through Disney.