Tips for Those Who Just Do Not Want to Wear the MagicBands

  • Laurie is back with some tips for the MagicBands……..

    Tips for those who cannot/won’t wear MagicBands. ┬áIt is not true that the bands fit all guests comfortably. I put my MagicBand on the second to last set of notches then I put the band on a soda pop can. The band was loose enough to turn but still snug. If a guest has severe edema or is a powerlifter they may find that the bands do not fit.

    A concern for some parents is what to do if the child will not wear the band. The MagicBand works even if a guest is not wearing one. Guests can keep their MagicBands in their purse, pockets, or backpacks. I keep mine attached to the handle of my scooter because I tend to remove anything on my wrists. Parents can use clips to hold the MagicBands or attach the MagicBands to the stroller handle as these photos show. magic bandWhen I am without my scooter I put my MagicBand on my purse strap or tote bag strap. I was having dinner last night when the waiter took my MagicBand, tapped it and handed me a device to enter my security code. At the end of dinner, I settled the check and left without having to dig in my purse for my wallet to store my room key or credit card. It is hard for me to enter my hotel room while holding a room key but with the band I can slip it on my hand or toss it on the bed when I come into the room. The best thing about the MagicBand is that there are no identifying marks to indicate who you are, where you are staying, or how long you are staying. There is a security code that guests enter into the system when they register if they want to charge things to their room.