Soy and Gluten Free Booths at Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival

Laurie gives us the low down on the Soy and Gluten Free Booths at this year’s Food and Wine Festival.  Thanks for sharing with us Laurie.


This is a guide to what may be available for guests who cannot have soy, gluten/wheat, or both of those items. I asked the chefs or managers what was soy free then what was gluten free then what can they change to make items allergy free.  BE SURE YOU CHECK THE FOOD ITEMS.  I had some reactions to a few things and I am writing up an update!

Some items are made backstage thus they cannot be changed. Again this is a guide and you must speak with the chefs at the booths. Some booths require you going to another location to ask questions. Some guests avoid any cross contamination while others like me can tolerate cross contamination, items made on the same line, or even the item. It takes detective work as I am able to have soy lecithin so the NO SOY may not apply to me. The NO DAIRY may not apply to someone with lactose intolerance. Have fun and use this guide to help plan your trip.

ARGENTINA – Beef Skewer is gluten free, to be soy free you have to hold the sauce.

AUSTRALIA – both the lamb and shrimp are gluten free and soy free.

BELGIUM – nothing is soy free or gluten free, the items offered are on waffles. The chef said not soy free but the cook in me wonders why so ask at this booth to make sure there are no soy free items.

BRAZIL – the pork belly and the scallop are gluten free, the brine on the pork belly has soy and cannot be held.

CANADA – The trout and the beef are soy free and gluten free, the soup is soy free but not gluten free.

CHINA – Major language barrier where I do not feel comfortable with the information given. Everything has soy and gluten according to staff.

DESSERTS & CHAMPAGNE – everything has soy and gluten in it but soy free persons should double check with a chef.

FRANCE – Major language barrier and staff could not grasp that I needed a chef for allergies. I went across the path to Les Chefs de France where a pastry chef and main chef came out eventually. The Boeuf Bourgnion (braised short ribs) is made back stage so they are not gluten free or soy free. The escargot (snails) are assembled back stage so the bread bowl cannot be held but they are soy free. The creme brulee is gluten free but not soy free.

GERMANY – the bratwust is soy free, hold the bun to make it gluten free. Wether’s soft caramels use soy lecithin and glucose syrup (from corn or wheat). The apple ones have milk, soy, and wheat warning on the website.

GREECE – griddled cheese is soy free and gluten free, the chicken gyro is soy free but there is a risk of cross contamination, the chicken gyro can be served without the pita to be gluten free. The have yogurt which is not made by Greeks and is something you buy in the store. Some of these yogurts use carmine ground up for their color.

HAWAI’I – nothing is soy or gluten free.  The poke salad is made ahead of time thus exposed to soy and gluten.

IRELAND – the warm chocolate pudding is gluten free but the leavening agent has soy. The cheese on the cheese plate is gluten free and soy free but the chutney may have soy. The bread used on the cheese plate has both soy and gluten.   They can hold the bread so that it is soy and gluten free.

ITALY – Everything has gluten but the staff says everything is soy free. CHECK if you are soy free as this is another outside run booth where staff often has no clue on what is in the food. Disney run booths use Disney cooks from their restaurants who seem to be better trained.

JAPAN – very nice persons with a major language barrier. They use fake crab that uses eggs. The sushi rice must have had 20 ingredients thus not authentic. Everything has soy and gluten in it. I was lucky enough to see their ingredient book to verify the fake crab and ingredients.

MEXICO – Go across the path to the restaurant and get a chef. He will bring over corn tortillas. There is a communication barrier here. The chef said everything has gluten and soy. If you want Mexican food it is better to eat at the restaurant. This is nothing like the taquerias of Los Angeles.

MOROCCO – nothing is soy free or gluten free, the meat may have dairy in it. At the Garden Festival this year I had the chicken leg confit and the pita sandwich with no bread. The food was great so one might have to try on another day to see if things are straightened out.

NEW ZEALAND – The venison sausage is gluten and soy free.  Mussels are soy free if you hold the garlic butter as it is a blend with soy oil, also hold the bread crumbs, is made on stage.

POLAND – nothing is soy free or gluten free. They have a bread dish and the kielbasa dish with a pierogie. I am going back to check on this one to see if there is away around the limitations.

SCOTLAND – Haggis is soy free not gluten free, bonoffee is not soy or gluten free, Salmon is gluten and soy free but the side may have cross contamination of gluten.  The salmon comes with malt vinegar that you can ask to hold. AWESOME FISH DISH!!

SINGAPORE – the lemongrass chicken curry and rice are soy and gluten free, the mahi mahi comes with a sauce that has soy and gluten.

SOUTH KOREA – the only gluten and soy free item is a hot dog with kimchi/Korean spices.  The hot dog is soy and gluten free only if you hold the bun and slaw, just the hot dog is safe.

TERRA – NOTHING soy or gluten free.

The following booths are ones I have not verified enough information or feel the information was wrong.

AFRICA – my notes are missing but the beef is supposed to be gluten free but not the spinach cheese pocket.

CHEESE – the almond crusted blue cheese souffle is soy and gluten free. I need to check on the cheese plate as it should be gluten free if they can hold he bread.

FLORIDA – shrimp ceviche is gluten and soy free.  The soy and gluten is in the slider bun so hold that for soy and gluten free however there is risk of cross contamination both on and back stage.

HOPS & BARLEY – the lobster tail is soy and gluten free, according to the chef everything else has soy and gluten, need to verify this information.

REFRESHMENT PORT – the Dole whip is vegan, dairy, soy, and gluten free. They use sweet and sour sauce on some dishes so those are not SF or GF.  The fritters have soy and gluten in the batter so check with them but the manager was sure about the soy.

Have you eaten at any of these?  Did you try anything with soy or gluten free?  Give us your opinions or tell us if we missed something.