Electrical Parade Tips

Need some tips on the Electrical Parade?  Well Laurie is here to give you some ideas.

1. Best spot for comfort and ease of getting a last minute spot is along Frontierland. Best photo opportunities and overall spots are on Main Street. I rather be in Frontierland eating burgers, turkey legs, ice cream,and popcorn without being shoved or kicked.

Electrical parade

2. Crossings are choreographed to get as many folks through Main Street. Keep your kids and anyone easily lost out in front of you, on a leash, or holding your hand. I saw a kid get left behind when they closed a crossing for a float to go by. At DCA two kids were parked in front of us then I saw security and figured out that the kids were lost. They had been separated at a cattle crossing so they parked and watched the street show.

3. Make sure you have your space designated as yours. I had a lady sit on my purse. People will try to squeeze in front of you or stand in front of you. I try to save space for kids to sit in front of me. Do not stand up in front of others as us in chairs, scooters, and strollers cannot see past you.

4. Make sure kids are near you when a parade or event ends. People will walk over seated guests and try to pass others by walking along the edges of the route.

5. Clearly say “Walkway, coming through!” in a firm voice if someone is blocking the paths. There is tape and ropes so they do not need to be out there in the pathway. If they say anything or do not move then get a cast member.Electrical parade1

6. Disabled guests and stroller users should try Frontierland for a parade spot. There are designated areas for disabled guests but at times those can get crowded or full. Those disabled spots may not be on the curb but a row back or even two rows back. Single guests often can get a stranger to watch their spot when nature calls. I have had someone watch my spot when I needed a snack, bathroom break, or soda pop.