ESPN Wide World of Sports Grill – ESPN Wide World of Sports

I love having Laurie blog for me.  She lives very near Disney and is there often.  See what she has to say this time about ESPN Wide World of Sports Grill………espn7

They were going to charge me $16 to enter to dine but were very kind to let me in for free. They have a very helpful and friendly staff that makes the day so pleasant. Just off the main entrance is a lobby with a snack bar that hides delicious food, snacks, and drinks that looks more like the lobby for a movie theater but in the back is a kitchen serving up delicious food. I ordered the bacon cheeseburger with onions, tomato slices, and lettuce which was better than most WDW burgers. They can handle common limitations such as soy, egg, dairy, and gluten/wheat allergies only at the Grill. Guests will have a hard time finding snacks that are diet friendly due to the nature of the location. Guests with dietary limitations beyond the top 8 allergens or with complicated diets should speak with Disney Dining about what can be offered with advanced notice. espn5This restaurant has a limited pantry and staff but did an excellent meal for me. They offered me Itzkadoozie ice pops, chicken wings, fries, cheeseburgers, and turkey sandwiches, oh my, so many choices. With advanced notice they can do the frozen Kosher boxed meals. Guests can dine outside if they do not like the cacophony and televisions going on.

Overall I had a great lunch and peaceful time while watching the latest sports on the big screen televisions. The Grill offers a bar in the back with tall barstools except one tiny table for two guests to stare at the wall.espn4 I hate carpet but they have commercial type carpet that is easy to get around and easy to maintain. The Wood chairs and tables can be pushed together for large groups. One of the staff told me how athletes wearing a brace or cast can prop up their leg on the chair across from them. There are overhead sportscasters, the bar in the back, and overhead big screens that may overwhelm some guests but they do offer food to go and have outdoor seats. The ordering is done in the lobby so guests with visual limitations should not have a problem with ordering. Staff is very friendly and offered to carry my tray then stopped by to ask how I was doing.  They use GPS in the form of a coaster sized device to locate where to take an order so no more sitting in a corner as your food goes around the room. Hours vary depending on season and events but usually before 5 pm.

ESPN Wide World of Sports offers guests at $16.95 (adult) admission various sports venues including tennis, rugby, and softball. They offer free parking in their lots that are located at Victory just south of Art of Animation and Pop Century resorts. Hard Ticket Events include Atlanta Braves, golf, cheerleading, dance, volleyball and some other events. Hard ticket events allow the ticket holder full access to the grounds as well as the event.. The main reason for paying so much is that there are top notch kid, high school, college, and professional players at the grounds. High School and College players come here for Spring training when you can see future star players before they make the pro teams. AAU, SUMMIT, USSSA, World Futsal, MAAC, KSA, Pop Warner, USA Field Hockey, and other organizations sponsor events on the grounds of ESPN Wide World of Sports and WDW golf courses. Check with for schedules. Guests with a regular ticket do not get into the big events but they do get to watch some awesome sports. The site closes at about 4 or 5 pm unless there is a major event going on. ESPNThere is a sports gift shop packed with sports themed souvenirs as well as some great holiday and birthday gifts.

The recently closed Playsation Pavillion offered rentals of playstation devices so guests could play golf, football, baseball and other sports themed games. The fee was around $5 per half hour. There is no word on what will go into that location as it can be a private studio for broadcasting, private lounge, or another game room. It was located at the back of the restaurant behind the bar, way way way back and out of the way.