WDW Downtown Disney Food Truck

Laurie is here again with another review and this time she tackles the Food Truck at Downtown Disney.

I see myself as a Food Explorer who boldly goes where few dare go. I visited Namaste Cafe food truck that is parked next to Cirque Soleil on the Westside of Downtown Disney. It is covered in art representing things seen in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I am soy and gluten/wheat free so they warned me that there is wheat flour in the truck that probably cross contaminates food. I boldly went for the the slow-cooked beef short ribs but they switched me to butter chicken as the beef has soy sauce in it.

They serve shrimp, with tandoori spices, that is not tandoori cooked, the beef short ribs, and the butter chicken. These are served on a bed of fluffy white rice with naan bread, and a medley of pickled carrots, tiny cucumber slices, and onions. At home I make baked chicken breast with butter shoved under the skin so that is what I was thinking when I saw chicken chunks in a drab brown sauce. Butter chicken is the leftover bits of chicken tikka Marsala with butter and other ingredients used to make a new dish of scraps just like Cobb did with his salad.  It is chunks of chicken in a sauce of yogurt/other dairy, onions, peppers sometimes, tomatoes, oil or butter, India’s vast array of herbs and spices, chili, coriander/cilantro, bit of brown sugar, and garam Marsala.

I do not recommend the food trucks to those with inhalation allergies or severe food sensitivities. Chef Brian is trying hard to make it easy for them to deal with dietary limitations but the tiny trucks have very little room to store anything and the cramped area makes it easier to cross contaminate. The rice and pickled veggies were pretty safe and AWESOME!! The complex nature of the chicken and beef will make ordering pretty hard. The sauce had that Indian subcontinent heat and medley of spices that is not for weaklings. It packed a punch that nearly knocked me off my scooter and had me crying for ice cream, cheese, and milk.  It is not hot as in that cocktail sauce at Cape May buffet, but still enough to make a grown man cry. PERFECTION in the medley of mild, fuffy rice and the crunchy, tangy cold pickles versus the spicy burn of the chicken chunks. The sauce was so good that next time I am bringing me some rolls for sopping up the sauce.

I recommend Namaste Cafe food truck but do warn that the only vegan items are the rice and pickles. For those without restrictions I highly recommend this food truck but for those with restrictions be prepared for a delay in getting information and maybe not finding something to eat. Chef Brian is mulling over my suggestions to make it easier for them to know what is in the food, they are just starting out, so have patience. They serve glasses of wine, beer, water, and soda pop too.