LEGOLAND Hotel in 2015 & Photos of Newest LEGOLAND Garden

LEGOLAND Hotel will open in 2015 along the northeast shore of Lake Eloise. This 4 story hotel will offer Legoland hotel152 rooms and be themed after the brightly colored Legos and Lego characters. There will be a pool, interactive areas, and a restaurant. The disabled parking area has been broken up and moved east but I had no problem getting a spot. This will bring 250 construction jobs and 250 permanent staff positions. They will renovate the boardwalk area too.

Based on old brochures one can see that the entrance was across from the main stadium for water shows. On your right were the botanical gardens as you entered. On your left was kiddie rides, dining, and Island in the Sky (sky tower). The far left (east) was a menagerie, gator show, bird show, and Magnolia Point Pier which have been hidden from public view while others were removed. The new hotel grounds will open up that area to the public and there are hints of make the pier open for guest experiences such as a boat ride.

The Oriental Gardens and the Florida Pool have reopened. Nestled in a corner southwest of the banyan trees lies a giant Buddha who watches over the Japanese themed garden. legoland gardens5There is a quiet hut for resting and contemplating life as well as paths decorated like a garden in Japan. Few find their way here and I hope someday to bring snacks and lunch to savor the beauty of this area as seen in these photos. I missed the pool probably as there are no maps and it is easy to get turned around. Head toward Lake Eloise for breathtaking sunsets and views. I am so happy to live so close to Lake Eloise. Paths can be hilly and bumpy but they are doable. I rather rent a park scooter as they can take the terrain better. Head north through the banyan tree to find St. Francis and St. Fiacre statues.

Thank you Laurie for taking us to Legoland and the gardens!

Legoland gardens1 legoland gardens2 legoland gardens3 legoland gardens4