Happy 25th Anniversary Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon LagoonI left Animal Kingdom after a very hot morning checking out the Festival of the Lion King. As I left my hot dry parking spot I was hit by a monsoon. I arrived at Typhoon Lagoon to see illegally parked vehicles at the entrance that made it hard to see pedestrians. People were huddled anywhere they could find shelter both inside and outside the park. People were running to their buses and vehicles to avoid the rain despite having spent the day in the water park.

I headed for Leaning Palms for a burger and chips. I cannot eat the free cupcake so the nice chef gave me a couple bags of chips. I love their burgers. I sat in the patio as the roof dripped on my table. I was prepared with a dry change of clothes and spare board shorts. I had my umbrella for the heavy rains so I was happy eating lunch then went splashing through puddles as I searched for the celebration. There were no brochures, signs, or other indications of this being a celebration or what was happening.

There were two DJs at the Clock Tower pumping out surfer type of music until they were rained out. typhoon lagoon2The rain let up so they started back up but finally surrendered to the rain. The Surfer Minnie and Mickey meet and greet in front of the gift shop was rained out when the rain hit. The alcoholic drinks were cash only but most guests at the water parks bring debit and credit cards or their Magic Band. People wanted to try the cheap drinks but were turned away as they had no cash on them. Some cast members did not know the alcohol content or ingredients. The free cupcake with entree is great unless you cannot have one, I was lucky to know the chef from past visits.

TyMoral of this event is that you have to plan for rain and cash only items. This was a fun little event that got very little press coverage. 25 years is a milestone that warranted a collectible pin and t-shirt at the gift shop, but there was none to be found. Due to the slides and other issues, buttons are out of the question but I feel that the park did not get a big birthday party it deserved. I had fun in the rain and chatting with the DJs.


My name is Laurie Smith and I have lived in Kissimmee, FL since March, 2012, so that I could learn about WDW and help people enjoy WDW.  I have been going to Disney parks since 1960.