Disney AGAIN?!?

I am pleased to welcome Jen to “Mouse”cation!  She will be writing for us from time to time too.  Thank you Jen  – I get this question ALL THE TIME!

“Don’t you know there are other places to go on vacation?”


Jen’s daughters learning about Celtic heritage and customs. And why not to transform your mother into a bear.

Those of us who are Disney addicts (or wanna-be addicts) have probably heard this a time or two. When I recently told my mother that we were planning a trip to Walt Disney World in November she exclaimed “You just went there last year! Why don’t you go somewhere else?!”
Hmmm… why don’t we?

1. We like Disney. To my family (the husband included) Disney is still magical. There is just something about seeing Cinderella’s castle that makes me tear up. My kids are still excited to see characters. Even my almost-7-year old loves to hug Mickey. Given a choice of where to vacation, every member of my family will choose Disney.

2. It’s fun. Roller coaster, shows, rides, water parks, a zoo, characters, shopping… There is such a vast amount of options in a relatively small area. We have so many more family friendly options for entertainment at Disney than if we just went to the beach or a large city.

3. We like food. This is vacation therefore I don’t cook. Disney makes that easy since there is food EVERYWHERE. The options are endless: steaks, Italian, Asian, eating with dinosaurs or princesses. Seriously, whatever you want to eat, you can find at Disney. And if you get the dining plan (which we love), almost all of it is included in your package.

4. Speaking of that dining plan: We love packages! Everything is paid before you go. Disney makes vacation easy. Hotel, tickets, food… it’s all paid for. Just take money for tips and souvenirs and you’re all set. Granted, you do have to pay for it before you leave, but while you’re there you don’t really have to think about every nickel and dime.

5. I’m a planner. That is probably my favorite aspect of a Disney vacation, I love knowing where we’re eating, what we’re doing and where we will be. Yes, I’m slightly weird, but I think it makes vacation EASY! I don’t like waking up trying to figure out what we’ll do that day. I want to know that we’re having breakfast with Pooh, riding the Mine Train at 10:00 and visiting Anna & Elsa at noon. We’ll fill in the blanks with some spontaneity, but for the most part, our fun is prescheduled.

6. Disney fits us. We are middle-class, mid-West people. We don’t like super “fancy” but we’re not rough-it-camping-in-the-woods types. We take 1 vacation each year (well, except last year when I snuck in a cruise, but that is a story for another time). We want to get the most value/enjoyment for each dollar we’re spending. And at this point, Disney is the best fit for us. Maybe when the kids are older we’ll do an “educational” trip, but for now they can learn about France by eating crepes and meeting Marie in Epcot. I’m okay with that, crepes are about all I got out of high school French class anyway, so they’re 10 years ahead of me!


I’m Jen, a working mom of 2 girls (ages 6 & 4). Our family of 4 loves to travel to Walt Disney World. We’ve stayed both on property and at Shades of Green and are slowly eating our way through every restaurant. Let me know what you would like to read about and I’m happy to share my opinions/research.