Food Truck Rally Review

It is with great pleasure that I welcome Melissa as a new blogger here on “Mouse”cation.  She joins Laurie and myself (since I am also a travel agent, I am usually busy with that aspect so I don’t blog much).  I will be adding a couple more bloggers to my site soon too.  Looking forward to their blogs.  Thanks Melissa!

Food truck rally was held on Saturday 6/21/14 with over 14 vendors including some of Disney’s hits from food and wine festival, including beef sliders, cupcakes, Philly cheese steaks and some awesome food from Germany! Epcot really made a hit with their truck but with 14 trucks and a lot of choices it was hard to pick! I ended up getting some beef sliders with chips from Germany. And let me tell you how excited I am for food and wine to begin LOL.

As with all this good food came the crowds of people trying to get in to downtown Disney last night which was a gridlock near the entrance by House of Blues and DisneyQuest, to no parking spaces available at all! Even cast parking was overflowed…now coming in we decided our best option was VIP parking which cost $20, but right away we got out and got to enjoy it with no hassle…and with that being said when Disney has events like this it’s best to pay for VIP to just relax or take Disney shuttle to avoid the nightmare that comes with it.

The only downfall of the event yesterday came by the tour groups that Disney is known to dislike….with chanting inside Starbucks to being almost everywhere…we are in the season of these groups to start appearing.

Here are a few tips to avoid nightmares at downtown Disney

** to avoid parking nightmares use VIP parking to go about your time or take Disney transportation

**don’t forget to bring rain gear as you never know with nasty weather (this is summer for downpours)

**take your time going through construction areas (aka walls up/small areas) around downtown Disney for the expansion of Disney Springs.
Enjoy and have a magical week!

Hey my name is Melissa I am 27 and an avid Disney fan and I have a premium pass! I stay on Disney property every month and it never gets old.  I love Disney and everything that comes with it.