Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Good News for Frozen Fans

Laurie has more tidbits for everyone.  I was also there to check out Oaken’s Trading Post and the Sing-along.  It was great!  Be sure to get over there and see all they have to offer.

I was not able to check out the Premiere Theatre lines on my last trip but rumor is that the lines are not as bad as opening day.

Oaken’s Trading Post: There are two lines and you have to make sure you are in the right one. Left goes to Funland where there are cupcakes, cookies, yummy treats, and beverages as well as a snow play area, photopass photographer for fun photos, photo ops, and the skating rink. photo 1 (3)The right side sends you to the store. People get mad when they cannot get a cupcake from the store or merchandise from Funland. Lines range from walking right in to 20 minute waits.

The ice skating rink is cleared to use the Zamboni machine. There are staff members from the owner of the ice rink to assist guests. In the far corner from the door is the area to enter the rink, cubbyholes to store items, and benches for changing into skates. It is best to not try to go past the skating rental area as it is a dead end. You can watch from other locations without people blocking your way. As you enter you see the photo area, snacks, skate rental and benches. Ahead of you is a line to play in the snow. THAT IS IT!! Kids love playing in the snow, most of them that is. There are performers on the ice from time to time.

Not all locations will have merchandise that you want in stock. Not all locations will have all the drinks and cupcakes you want. The stage has lots of room except during the parade and the finale. The stage has a path down front so guests can go from one side to the other. photo (9)The premium dessert party is to the left. It is best to get there at 8:30 if you want a good view of the stage as fireworks go off. You can get a great view of the fireworks from either side of the stage but must see the live portion on a big screen.

photo 2 (5)There are Olaf cupcakes and candied apples, frosted snowflake cookies, chocolate covered Sven cookies, brownie and cake pops, blue Mickey head shaped rice treat on a stick, and a decorated snowball rice treat. For those preferring a warm treat there are Mickey pretzels and churros. I am not sure what brand of hot cocoa they use but usually it is the stuff in an envelope.

Throughout the park you will find cookies and rice treats with a picture of the sisters or Olaf. Arendell Punch can be found at snack carts and at 4 pm the more expensive Let It Glow with magic cube. It is a very nice punch as is the Olaf slushie that comes in a souvenir cup. Adults can enjoy a Summer Berry Margarita and a Blue Dream cocktail. Hollywood Scoops on Sunset Blvd. offers a snowflake cookie sandwich in your choice of ice cream, be warned it is a lot of ice cream and will not look like the photo.

Overall the crowds are back to normal and the only things to worry about for Frozen is a good spot at the parade, stage show, and fireworks. Grab a ticket early as you can then hit Toy Story Mania on a fastpass or go camp out a spot for the parade. I put out a list of closures at Studios to guide you and it still stands as published.