Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – Laurie’s Complaints

I grew up with the Pike, San Diego Zoo, and amusement parks with my first documented visit on October 24, 1960. I have ridden many roller coasters except the newfangled ones. I cut my teeth on the bobsleds in Disneyland. I was excited to see a new roller coaster at Walt Disney World that I could ride.

IMG_6030There were issues from the beginning. I was in line at night so I did not appreciate the fans blowing full force on me. The lines are dark at night so it was hard to see where I was going. The interactive area was fun but the line was moving fast. There were kids running around trying to get back to their family as well as a few lost adults. I loved the spinning barrels where the characters come onto the ceiling.

Disabled guests stay in line like everyone else until it is time to board. The trains must wait for them to load even if it takes a while. I prefer side boarding like at Toy Story Mania but that would not work here. OUCH OUCH OUCH!!! I am 60 – 64 inches tall and about 280 pounds. I was in pain from having the lap bar squish my legs together. Mine trainThe whole ride was me with my knees pressed together even though the lap bar had plenty of room for my girth. The seat back was something molded that did not fit my back. It seems that the seats were designed for dwarfs not linebackers.

Overall this is a great ride with too much hype. I did not notice the cars moving until we entered the mine and were slowing down. This is very close to, but not quite as thrilling, as Big Thunder Railroad. The trains zip along on the smooth steel rails then STOP to check out the dwarfs in their mine. Splash Mountain has that same big drop then lull as you float along until the next drop. You do not get nonstop heart pounding thrills instead you get two short bursts. At the end comes the cottage where the dwarfs and Snow White are dancing while in the other half of the house are animals. That is not how it was in the movie, was it? Look hard right to see the Hag at the door with her apples. It is a great ride not to be missed, but the poorly designed seats will have me heading to the Wilderness for the Wildest Ride.

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