A Tribute to Robin Williams

The loss of life is always so sad but to know the loss was due to suicide is tragic.  If you are depressed, get help.  There is always a better way, suicide is not the alternative.  Whitney is back and this time she shares her love for Robin Williams and why he will always be remembered.

I know that there have been countless pieces written about Robin Williams in the few days since his passing, but I felt that I had to contribute my two-cents as well. This man was a comedy legend who could bring us to tears with laughter as well as his dramatic roles, but he was also a Disney legend. The first movie I can remember seeing in the theater is Aladdin. There was just something about that big crazy blue guy with the heart of gold that drew me in instantly. I cannot think of another person in the entire world who could have brought Genie to life as he did. This movie, and more specifically, the character of Genie, only helped to solidify my love for Disney. I could go years without watching Aladdin, but could still remember the exact inflection of each of Genie’s lines. He had something so special, that he could make the simplest lines become either so hilarious or heart wrenching that they would jump right off the screen and touch people to their core. Watching his interviews always intrigued me as much as watching any of his movies, because he was just so genuinely funny and always kept everyone on their toes. You never knew if he was going to bust out in song or the slow drawl of his John Wayne impression. Even though I never had the privilege of meeting Mr. Williams, I feel like I have known him my whole life. From his roles in Popeye, Hook, Aladdin, Flubber, Jumanji, Patch Adams, Jack, Awakenings, Dead Poets Society, to the unforgettable Mrs. Doubtfire (and the list goes on and on), I don’t think there is one time period of my life that hasn’t been touched by Robin Williams in some way. It feels like he has always been a presence in my life in one way or another. Maybe that is why his passing has hit me harder than any other celebrity’s. Of course it is a tragedy when any life is lost, but there is something about his passing that has hit me especially hard. I think this is the first time I have just sat and cried over losing someone I have never met. He had a way about him that just made everyone feel comfortable; like they knew him. It feels like we have all lost a lifelong friend, and to some extent that is true. I have seen people write things that say the world will never be the same because he is gone, and in some ways, I would totally agree. However, I like to think that the world will never be the same simply because he was here. He was a unique source of light, love, and lots of hyperactive randomness. He was truly one of a kind. There never has been, and never will be another like him. I hope he knew even in the slightest, how much light and life he brought to the world. I hope he never lost sight in the midst of everything he was going through, that he had millions of people who adored him, and the world was a much better place because he was in it.