AMC Downtown Disney Lobby Dining and Bar

Laurie popped into the AMC Dine-In Theatre located next to Harley Davidson and across from Planet Hollywood. Recently they have opened up dining that uses the AMC Dine-In Theatre’s menu. The place has good lighting, disabled access, and friendly staff. There are a few sofas, a few stuffed armless chairs, some regular 4-top tables, and tall 4-top tables with tall barstools. Like lounges, guests seat themselves. Overall the staff do their job with a smile.

They have few gluten free and special diet items but management is addressing this issue. I had a salad with diced tomatoes, julienned carrots, and lettuce. I was delighted with their bacon ranch dressing. The dressing has all of the flavor of bacon and ranch with big bacon bits but its runny nature allows the dressing to flow over the salad. Less dressing eaten is less calories!! They gave me 4 corn tortillas to make my burgers with. They use a loose grind that gives the burger flavor and juiciness. They included cheese, onions on the side, tomato slices, and bacon for a delicious thick burger that was nearly perfect.
You do not have to watch the movies to partake in the bar and lobby dining! They offer truffle Parmesan fries, salads, quesadillas, chicken tenders, fish, Asian inspired dishes, cheeseburgers, pizzettas, and sandwiches. They have popcorn, waffle sundaes, pumpkin spice cake sundaes, and New York cheesecake. Their menu is an eclectic medley of pub grub, Asian, Hispanic, and comfort food. I highly recommend them unless you have dietary concerns. It is a main gathering place, waiting area, and bar so at times it can get loud but I feel that few guest would be bothered by what is typical restaurant noise.
They try hard to make guests satisfied. Most guests with one or two limitations should find something to eat. They have a patio with seating out in front.