Walt Disney World – Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Tips

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party starts September 1st.  It is cute to be a pumpkin until you try to get on a ride. Heavy costumes will tire you out, much like walking around carrying 50 pounds of pet food. Buy your tickets in advance and apply discounts if you can get one. Be prepared for bad weather as it is starting to get cooler at night and it does rain a lot in Florida. You do not want to end up like Scout who was dressed as a ham and could not see thus falling down. IMG_3385Shoes should be able to keep you from sliding on wet ground. Disney prohibits offensive costumes; anything that could be mistaken as a hand gun or weapon; costume parts that stick out so much as to hit other guests; and any sharp point costume parts.

Upon arrival at the Magic Kingdom you will want to have one person take bags and the other take the kids. To make the line shorter it helps that those without bags use the bagless line and for others to leave their bag with one person who goes through the security check point. Be in line so that at 4 p.m you will be heading to rides. Get fastpasses online for attractions you must see, so that from 4 to 7 p.m. you are doing rides and shows while the park has regular guests in the park. This is a good time for picture taking and eating dinner at Crystal Palace, Cinderella’s Castle, and Tony’s Town Square Restaurant. Your goal should be to see and do everything with short lines so that during the event you can focus on the parade, fireworks, treat stations, activities, and other things you paid for.

IMG_3408Before 7 p.m. be in line for your favorite character meet and greet as the wait time is over an hour long later in the night. Get popcorn and snacks for the wait. This is a good time for you to rest up and plan your next move. As soon as the event map and schedules are out they will be online, which you should study. You will have a wristband that you got when you entered the park. Cast members will start denying access to anyone without a wristband at about 7 p.m just like a nightly sweep. Villains, Snow White and Seven Dwarves, and Nightmare Before Christmas characters will have the longest lines. The best place for characters is designated meeting areas, dance parties and the Villains Mix and Mingle.

The best place for HalloWishes is Main Street near Plaza Restaurant and to the side of the hub. You will need to stake out your parade spot as adults like to stand on the parade route which makes it hard for kids and disabled guests to see. The fireworks can be seen anywhere on Main Street, though some spots are better. After HalloWishes you can hit the Villains Mix and Mingle to try to meet some characters. The best place to see the parade is as far from Main Street as possible. IMG_3393Main Street is packed with people while Frontierland has spots open and room to stretch out. If possible, have one person stake out an area while the the rest are off having fun but remember to take turns.

I cannot tell you how to see everything as it depends on the speed of your group especially with disabled guests and little kids. It is best to use the first three hours for shopping, rides, dining, and shows the line up for your favorite rare character. Once you are done with that you can do everything around the HalloWishes show and fireworks. Some do the parade afterwards and others beforehand. A person with kids or a disabled person might prefer to do things by land such as treat stations, parties, and rides. A single person or couple might hop from one end of the park to the other doing what they prefer to do. Just make sure everyone knows the rules you have set for the night. Let the group know your general plan of doing things so everyone knows what will happen.

IMG_3439Save treat stations until the last moment if possible unless there is a short line. It is the same penny candy and mini bars you can buy at your local grocer. Bring a pillowcase or tote bag as it is easier for cast members to put a big handful of candy in the bag. With sheer joy say “YOU HAVE LEMONHEADS!” Cast members usually will respond by picking out your favorite candy. Patient guests who do not whine, say Happy Halloween, and are polite, tend to get more candy. Sometimes at closing they give out more candy. Remember that there is a warehouse full of candy to last the whole season. Telling the person that you cannot have a candy will get you something else. There are healthy options such as grapes and apple slices available. City Hall has special treats for those with food allergies and other dietary limitations.

There will be merchandise such as t-shirts and pins that are only available at the event. Watch for special editions of buckets at popcorn carts. Check the event map and guide for what special treats will be for sale, such as holiday flavored ice cream and Halloween cupcakes. Casey’s Corner, Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn, Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe, The Lunching Pad, and Gaston’s Tavern will offer pork shank, hot dogs, burgers, chicken nuggets and other quick service meals. Not all restaurants, attractions, and rides will be open so check the map to see where you can eat.