Epcot Food and Wine Festival – Changes from Last Year and Not Vegan

Today, the 18th, is soft opening for the Festival but I (Laurie) am staying home as I rather put a full day in the park. I am discussing changes from past years, some new things to check out and explaining vegetarian offerings.

Most maps are wrong as Brazil (26 on map) took over Belgium and booted them to the curb. Belgium has rebuilt a new kiosk and Brazil turned their kiosk into a party zone. The Craft Beer kiosk comandeered Odessey Restaurant aka Odessey Center (5 on map). Brazil currently shows up on old maps as being next to Mexico in the area just below the Odessey Center. Craft Beer Kiosk is showing as the first kiosk you come to as you walk toward the lake, on your right side. Apps may still show them there and maps online may not show the changes. This move allows room for the beer kiosk as that is so popular and room for the new booths. The Cheese Kiosk could not cut it and was replaced by Puerto Rico as there are other booths doing cheese plates.

Craft Beer will offer for free, with beer purchase, a savory Chex party mix type of offering with nuts, fruits, and crackers. For sale, are muffuletta pinwheels (savory take of the muffuletta) and pickles; country pate with pickled carrots and bread; and pimento cheese dip with crackers. Disney considers ale, Pilsner, lager, and other beer like drinks as beer so check menus for possible options such as stout and ale.

Chile and Argentina will be combined into Patagonia. Patagonia will be the same spot overlooking the lake when it was Argentina. Florida Fresh changed names to Farm Fresh. In the past there have been kiosks for India, New Orleans, Caribbean Islands, Cheese, Mouse Catch (cheese), Scandinavia, Spain, and Turkey. They used to have booths for cities such as Barcelona and San Francisco instead of the whole area being covered.


Patagonia replaced pork with Verlasso salmon which is found in Chile where they are raised in fisheries. This ties the two former kiosks into one larger area.

Mexico replaced rice pudding with sweet corn cheese cake.

China replaced Silk ice cream with Peking (Beijing) Duck.

South Africa replaced the cheese and spinach paneer with bobotie, a turkey and mushroom dish.

Puerto Rico is replacing Cheese and will offer a coffee cake and flan dish, fried sweet polenta fries and cheese fritters, braised beef, and conch salad.

Germany replaced apple strudel with the Berliner donut, schinkennudein returns after rave reviews (noodle and ham and cheese)

Poland is adding sauerkraut pierogies.

Italy removed the salsiccia for chicken breast and tweaked their ravioli.

America replaces Jamacian shake with apple maple spice latte with choice of hot or cold.

Fife and Drum will offer a Ghiradelli sundae.

Farm Fresh erased their menu and offer pepper bacon hash and Griddled yard bird.

Japan got rid of their fake crab meat rolls and erased the menu. Spice hand roll, teriyaki gyoza bun, and chirashi sushi are now offered.

Morocco replaced the chicken roll for a spicy shrimp roll.

France adds a wheat pasta and cheese and mushroom dish. Creme brulee will be caramel instead of chocolate.

Refreshment Port added packaged Squishems fruit treat and croissant doughnuts.

Greece removed the calamari dish and yogurt cups. They are offering a vegetarian moussaka and spanokopita.

Desserts and Champagne changed the desserts.

Scotland has replaced the Banoffee dessert with crannachan dessert trifle.

Disney Vegetarian may contain gelatin made from fish and mammals, cochineal and carmine that are made from bugs, honey, dairy products, and anything made from animals that does not kill the animal. This is fine for someone who will, on occasion, eat a bit of meat or fish. For a dedicated vegan the festival has few items that are 100% animal free. You will have to look at each dish for ingredients such as carmine, lard, and gelatin.

Disney vegetarian dishes are:

Terra is dedicated to vegan cuisine but is not soy or gluten free, sigh.
Patagonia; quinoa salad with arugula topped with salmon, ask them to hold it.
Craft Beer: snack mix (vegan?), pimento cheese dip
Australia: berries and vanilla custard
Mexico: sweet corn cheesecake is not listed, should but is not
Germany: Berliner donut
Poland: Pierogies should be vegetarian but they come with meat
Italy: cheese ravioli, the cannoli is not listed as vegetarian
Hops & Barley: cheese plate, carrot cake
Morocco: baklava
Belgium: chocolate candy, and both dessert waffles
Brazil: cheese bread, the coconut candy should be soy and wheat free and vegetarian but no word why not
France: pasta gratin with mushrooms and Gruyere cheese, creme brulee
Ireland: cheese plate, the chocolate pudding should be vegetarian but not listed, may just be a quirk in system
Greece: spanokopita, moussaka, and the yummy griddled Greek Cheese
Puerto Rico: frituras fritters, the bolitos de papa combo dish should be vegetarian but no reason why not
Refreshment Port: croissant doughnuts, Dole Whips, Squish’ems! packaged fruit
Desserts & Champagne: not know why but only the Belgian chocolates are vegetarian
Scotland: vegetable cake but no word on Cranochan dessert
Intermissions Cafe in Festival Center: grapes, side salad, key lime tart maybe, brownie maybe, fruit and cheese plate, VEGAN trio,

If you cannot or will not eat or drink something you should speak to kiosk staff about your options.  The main concerns they have is that the food is mass produced and someone might accidentally contaminate the food. All it takes is a person touching a contaminant then touching the food in question. Ingredients may change such as Hallal vanilla flavor might be used by one person and nonHallal by another person. Brands change ingredients or mislabel ingredients. Over time chefs may tweak dishes for a newer chef might miss things like dusting with flour an item. ASK!!! If the item is made at the kiosk then they might hold the bun on your slider or not put something on your order. This has been a long 3 events for me as a soy and gluten free food explorer. It is hard work but honestly there are not enough vegan dishes out there and some dishes are not for me even though they should be.

PLEASE let us know good news and how we can make this event the best ever for you. We do need your feed back, thank you, Laurie.