Hidden Mickey’s – Do You Spot Them Everywhere?

Whitney is back with her love of Hidden Mickey’s.  So what about you, have you spotted any Hidden Mickey’s at Disney or even at home?

IMG_2031Anyone who has visited Disney World has likely come across a seemingly random collection of circles here and there that resemble a certain mouse we all know and love. These “Hidden Mickeys” as they are called are just another example of the effort put into even the smallest details at Disney. They have been found in paintings, pebble paths, tiling, manhole covers, signs, and numerous other cleverly placed spots throughout the parks. They are too numerous to be counted, but what began as a bit of fun for Disney’s Imagineers has turned into something that brings a little extra magic to each trip. I know it is especially exciting for my kids when they spot one first and are able to share it with the adults. There are even tons of Hidden Mickeys throughout the many Disney movies. Ingeniously camouflaged, these little gems will often slip right by unless one keeps a sharp eye out.

It seems like ever since our last trip, we have been spotting Hidden Mickeys everywhere. Maybe we just have Disney on the brain, which is very possible, but we are finding them all over the place. Now that I think about it, I guess we find a pretty even amount of Hidden Mickeys and “Accidental Mickeys”, as we’ve come to call them. It’s actually getting a little bit out of hand, because now, whenever we spot one (or accidentally make one) my 3 year old son insists on pulling out my phone to take a picture. I don’t mind, though, because it brings a huge smile to his face and a little unexpected Disney magic to our day. Before too long, there may be more pictures in my phone of various substances in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head than my own children.

If you are not already on the unofficial Hidden Mickey Search Team, maybe you will consider joining. I hope on your next trip you are able to find a few of these hidden surprises, or that in your day to day life, a few drips of spilled cheese will become a reason to smile, rather than a frustration.