It’s Disney World! Nothing Scary There! WRONG!

It’s the world’s happiest place on earth, Disney World!  Why nothing there could be scary!  Well, I have come to tell you just because it is the happiest place on earth does not mean everything is appropriate for all children.

I want to tell you about what might frighten young children.  If you are like me, I have a child who use to (and still does at times) gets frightened by things easily.  Are there rides, shows and restaurants that might scare your child?  YES!  While every child is different, and you know your child the best, there are things that could scare them.  This DOES NOT include rides that have drops that might scare your kids.  If your child doesn’t like roller coasters, I suggest looking at those on YouTube before you get them on one.

Here is my list and if I have forgotten something, please list it in the comments section.  Most of these we have first hand experience with.  I will try to describe what can scare the kids (our experience) and if you are still unsure, go to YouTube and check out the “ride” and shows.  Also, note restaurants too.  Some of those can scare children.

Let’s start with Magic Kingdom.  Just because your child is tall enough to ride something, don’t assume that they are mature enough.  It can still scare them if you have a tall 3 year old.

Haunted Mansion – our son didn’t make it past where they close the doors and before the room goes completely dark before he freaked out.  If your child(ren) has a fear of ghosts and dark enclosing rooms this might not be a ride for them.

Pirates of the Caribbean – we did this one when our son was 4 and he closed his eyes at the scary parts. Overall it isn’t too bad but if “bones” (what we used to call skeletons) scare your kids, there are a lot of those.  🙂

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh – we never did this one when our son was younger (and he is “too old” to ride it now) but the Heffalumps & Woozles could scare young kids.

Stitch’s Great Escape – It’s just your lovable, mischievous Stitch!  WRONG!  This one even bothered me!  You go in a round room and are harnessed in (as in over the shoulder harnessed in) and Stitch is locked up but he gets loose.  Then the room goes completely BLACK and you can’t see your hand in front of your face and you cannot comfort your child except to hold their hand or reassure them with your hand on their leg.  Then you hear Stitch making a bunch of racket all around and he will breathe on your neck from time to time.  It is completely dark for what seems like FOREVER!  Yes, we have first hand experience with this and our son LOVES Stitch but he did NOT love this.  I kept reassuring him by talking to him through the darkness that it wasn’t real.  Just beware!

Now on to Epcot – we didn’t find anything there that really scared our son – it is actually his favorite park.  If fast rides might scare your children or even heights then be sure to review Test Track and Soarin’.  However, from a child that is scared of a good bit, those are 2 of his favorites.

Hollywood Studios, this park has a few things that could scare children.

Tower of Terror – this is all about ghosts and my husband has taken our son into the entrance and he said, “Nope!” and they left.  If they don’t like drops then this is one you do NOT want to take them on because that is all you do – up and down.

Great Movie Ride – while this is a very tame ride, there are 2 things that could scare someone.  The Gangster scene, our son still to this day, plugs his ears and closes his eyes when the gangsters start shooting and take over our vehicle.  Then the other thing that is REALLY CREEPY is the Alien in the Alien section.  Be sure your kids don’t look up into the ceiling and they should be fine.

So what about Animal Kingdom?  It’s all about animals – all warm and fuzzy right?  NOT!  There is one that tops my list.  While it offered us (my husband and I) a good laugh, our son HATED IT!

It’s Tough to be a Bug – yeah all bugs are our friends right.  NO!  Yes, I know this one tries to tell us that bugs are our friends but our son wanted no part of any bug being his friend.  He went on this at the age of 7 and still talks about it.  Pretend huge spiders drop from the ceiling, bees poke you in the back, stink bugs let out the stink, and on and on.  Let me preface this with – yes, again, he had his head in my lap – mind you he has had nightmares of snakes so bugs and stuff are not our friends.  But the biggest and funniest part for us, but not so much for him, was the end.  The humans are told to remain seated while the cockroaches, stinkbugs, etc. exit the building first and then rollers roll across your rear end to make it like they have just crawled across your rear.  Well, thankfully we were on the end because as soon as the doors opened on this “show” our son ran out the door smacking his rear and declared, “I think I need to go back to the room, because I think I have bugs in my booty!”  We have never laughed so hard!  To this day he still will not go on that again.

Dinosaur – that one has a dinosaur that sort of looks like it is coming at you.  Just beware on this one.  I can’t tell you too much because I had my son in my lap, again, telling him it was all o.k.  It is a jerky ride also.  I think the anticipation of that dinosaur was what scared him the most.

Last but not least, I must warn you of Rainforest Cafe.  I NEVER thought that would bother any child.  However, if your child has a fear of thunderstorms, this could cause them to get scared.  We can now eat there but we tried this 2 times when our son was younger and both times I had to take him out and show him it really wasn’t storming at all.  He thinks of tornadoes when there are thunderstorms.

So what did I miss?  Share your experience and details with us.  A helpful hint, take out your phone and distract your child when a scary part is coming up.  I did this.  I told him if he got scared to look at the phone and it provided a little light and some distraction to that particular section.