Favorite Restaurant Series Continues with 1900 Park Fare

The Favorite Restaurant Series continues…..Melissa brings us her favorite, 1900 Park Fare.  Thanks Melissa for sharing your favorite.

When you think of fairy tales and some day meeting Prince Charming you also think of Cinderella but there are 2 places on Walt Disney world property that could help bring this real life fairy tale to a night you will never forget! My favorite Disney restaurant happens to be located In the most beautiful Grand Floridian Resort and Spa!  Yes, I’m talking 1900 Park Fare, where you can experience both dinner and breakfast but with different characters!.

In the morning, at 1900 Park Fare it’s called the Supercalifragilstic breakfast with some of your favorite Disney characters like Alice and Mad Hatter to Mary Poppins and much more!.

The real magic happens at night with the Cinderella Happily Ever After Dinner.  Once you arrive you will check in and they will give you a pager and then you will have your photo taken in front of Cinderella’s Castle backdrop.

The food at night is a wide selection for both kids and adults anywhere from prime rib to macaroni and cheese with chicken nuggets and the best part is actually getting to see a Disney Magic moment happen!!

Who doesn’t dream of meeting Prince Charming if you’re a girl?!?!  And for all you fellows……

1900 Park1900 Park1Cinderella awaits you! You also get to meet the stepmother and both stepsisters!! Now keep in mind they do make their rounds to everyone so you will get plenty of time with each character. And did I mention they share a special dance!?!.

Now your probably asking yourself what are the differences in breakfast pricing and dinner pricing well, here’s your pricing..

Adult price range 28.60$-30.00$
Child (ages 3-9) price range: $12.77-$15.88

Adult price range: $38.33-$44.50;
Child (ages 3-9) price range: $19.16-$21.29

But this buffet has a never ending food bar with amazing desserts and don’t forget to dress up your little girls and men in their princess attire!!!

My name is Melissa and I am 27 and an avid Disney fan.  I have a premium pass and I stay on Disney property every month and it never gets old.  I love Disney and everything that comes with it.