Laurie gives us the skinny on the new changes for the dining plan starting tomorrow. The first major issue with the dining plan was with what guests cannot and will not eat. Picky eaters, vegans and vegetarians, diabetics, small eaters, allergies, medical diets, religious diets, pharmaceutical diets, and other factors made the dining plans not right for guests. Not all children can live on burgers and macaroni nor can they finish meals. I skip dessert most time as there is nothing I can eat. Vegans often had few or no dessert options.

The second major issue was the rules. How and what rules were in place and were enforced depended on restaurant/resort/merchant management, site managers, and employees. Now we have an easier way of dealing with things and it is clearly stated.

General Rules

1. Snacks and drinks in stores, restaurants, kiosks, and vendors do NOT applie to souvenir containers, glow cubes, alcoholic beverages, alcoholic snacks, and anything containing more than one serving. One cannot use as a snack credit for the sandpail sundae, souvenir cups, souvenir mugs, clip on lights on cups, and popcorn buckets. The serving size varies at WDW. That 10 ounce bag of chips is not a snack credit.
****TIP: alcohol, big snacks, souvenirs are not snack credits.

2. Guest may now use their credits on someone who is not staying with them and who is not on their dining plan. Now guests may use their excess credits with family who are visiting.

3. Only the Deluxe, Premium, and Platinum dining plans allow a guest to use adult meals for children. For example, 2 parents and two children could order 4 adult meals at a table service or quick service restaurant. The children at Le Cellier could have:
Grilled Sirloin – with Roasted Potatoes, Green Beans and veal jus with juice, milk, or water.
Now the children can have:
Braised Lamb Shank – horseradish gremolata, smoked cipollini, glazed vegetables with choice of coffee, tea, water, juice, milk, and soda.
****TIP: does not apply to quick service and regular dining plans.

4. NO DESSERT!! For me this is the best change. Guests can substitute, at table service restaurants, a small salad, cup of soup, or fruit plate for dessert. This is for table service only as quick services has more rules to boggle the mind.


1. Guests may substitute a snack for desserts or drinks. A guest has a refillable mug so they don’t want their drink or are on a diets that limits sweets now they can take a muffin, cereal with milk, or chips for breakfast and midnight snacking. This will help guests stretch their quick service meals.
****TIP: this must be done in the same transaction and is one snack per dessert or drink. This is only in Quick Service restaurants no kiosks and store.

2. Any guest may substitute a quick service meal for three snacks. This applies to all dining plans only at quick service restaurants. Instead of a meal you could take a muffin, salad and soup. This would allow a person to stockpile breakfast items as well as take home snacks.
****TIP: 3 snacks for a quick service meal only at quick service restaurants, confectioneries, and some stores!

3. Children may order the adult meal. This is only for the Quick Service restaurants using the quick service credit.
Children can have:
Cheese Pizza $5.99
Butter Chicken – with basmati or multigrain rice, naan bread and 2 sides
This is a great way for families to get a variety of food for kids and even split meals between children.

4. BREAKFAST has changed!!! Breakfast snacks must be part of a regular meal such as sausage to be counted as a snack. One quick service meal may be traded for three sides or snacks at breakfast time such as eggs, bacon, and grits. Breakfast snacks include cereal with milk, French toast stick, oatmeal, quinoa, grits, side of bacon or sausage, side of eggs, side of potatoes, hard boiled eggs, and biscuits with gravy.
****TIP: Only applies to breakfast at quick service restaurants using the quick service credit.


1. Price will no longer be the deciding factor on what is a snack credit.

2. Snacks usually will be limited to one serving, rarely two or three. DVC stores usually have snack packs of donuts, cookies, and other snacks.

3. Alcoholic food and beverages are not covered under the dining plan.

4. No souvenir cups, mugs, buckets, sandpails or glow cubes are included.

5. All ice cream novelties and all hand scooped ice cream are now included but limited to one scoop.

6. If something was not a snack because of a topping such as:
Funnel Cake – topped with strawberries and whipped cream $6.49
Waffle – with powdered sugar or cinnamon $4.99
Pretzel with cheese sauce was two credits.
it will take time to find out what will be included as funnel cakes are not always a snack credit.

7. QUICK SERVICE RESTAURANTS, only. All sides will become snacks unless they are otherwise prohibited such as size and alcohol. Soup will become a snack.
****TIP: only at quick service restaurants can you get sides and soup as a snack credit.


This is going to take more work on us the writers, the travel agents, and you as a guest. Would having dinner at where you can skip dessert make the plan better for you? For me as well as diabetics the skipping of dessert is a blessing. If your child could have lamb shank instead of macaroni and cheese would you go for the dining plan? What if you could split that lamb shank with two or even three people? You might be bringing home a lot of snacks. There is a lot to digest here and a lot of changes that might make the dining plan a good deal for you.