WDW Changes and News as of August 26, 2015

Disney Springs is replacing Downtown Disney on directional signs around WDW. Construction on the hub in Magic Kingdom is winding down as more hub walkways are opened up. A major road block was the maps under the train station but now maps are in the hub on Main Street. You might catch the red paint added to Tomorrowland as they go for a new look.

At Hollywood Studios, the turrets are back on the Great Movie Ride theater after being gone since 2001. All signage for Magic of Disney Animation is gone as well as the large film reel in the courtyard. There is a new billboard for Autograph Hound starring Donald Duck.

People needed studio tours and studio themed parks to learn about motion pictures. Bonus features on videos, television specials, and the internet have made the studio themed amusement parks obsolete. One can read books or go online to find out everything one could want to know about books, radio, television, music, and movies. Hollywood Studios is going to see the loss of the name and anything tour related.  Laurie, that is me, suggests making this a half day park and using the other half for Disney Springs, pools, miniature golf, and other parks. The media will try to keep you informed of construction and things affecting your trip. Have a back up plan for Hollywood Studios.

Animal Kingdom continues to work on Rivers of Light evening show and Avatar Land. Kilimanjaro Safari has a new bypass road installed for the sunset tours. This new road will allow the rickety bridge to be fixed which will mean a shorter daytime ride. The tour will avoid animals like mandrills and bull elephants. Nocturnal animals such as hyenas and African wild dogs will be added to the tour. Guest will see the animals under an artificial orange glow made by lights. Avatar Land is scheduled to open in 2017 and the other items in “Early 2016.”

Stay tuned for a list of park refurbishments and a review of All Star Resorts dining.