Review of The Good Dinosaur

Laurie had a chance to go see “The Good Dinosaur”.  Here is her review.  Sounds like a good movie.  I can’t wait to go see it.

People have said this is a takeoff of Rango, for example, but it is a John Wayne, John Ford, and Yakima Canutt western. At the end, I was in tears when I said “best western ever” as it is one of the best westerns ever. This is supposed to be about a boy and his “dog” lost in the mountains but it is more than that.

The dinosaurs evolved over time to where we see them as cattle barons and farmers. Unlike Theodore Rex the dinosaurs do not wear clothes and are much like Simba, Bambi, and Atta. It would be easy to replace the dinosaurs with clothed humans and in many ways this movie as the best meshing of human qualities in animals. They have the same concerns that humans in the west used to have. The best part is the siblings who are a trio that would wear out any parent.

The opening scenes are in a prairie much like the Searchers and My Darling Clementine where people build homes on the prairie. The scenery from prairies to mountains are breathtaking beauty with great attention to detail. The mountains are mindful of High Sierras used in movies for everything from mountain men to outlaws. If not for the dinosaurs, I would have expected Gary Cooper, Randolph Scott, Sam Elliott, Harry Carey, and Yakima Canutt to appear.

Is this a great movie? Yes, I would watch this 50 more times and still be engrossed in the movie. The secondary characters, such as the t-rex family, are a medley of western cattle barons and cowboys that are perfectly portrayed.

Is this really kid friendly? Death is much like in Finding Nemo and Lion King where we almost are at the point of seeing a person die then blink it is over. The only things scary are things seen in other Disney movies such as Simba seeming to die in the desert only to wake up to new friends who pamper him.

Please let us know what you though of the movie and if Walt Disney World should have more tie-ins to The Good Dinosaur.