WDW Dining Updates – week of December 20, 2015

Laurie brings us the latest news at Disney World.

Min and Bill’s in Hollywood Studios has found a creative way to use the Han Solo buckets by filling them with a kid turkey sandwich, carrots, cookie, and apple juice for $13.99 each. Major menu change is TV dinners. Stop laughing!! Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn and carrots, and chocolate cake sit in a compartmentalized tray. They have vegetable sushi roll, edamame, tomatoes, cucumbers, and chocolate cake. Finally there is roast beef with mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies, and chocolate cake. They have a $10.95 chili cheese dog with chips. For the brave there is the blue milk shake that is supposed to taste like blue raspberries, do those exist?

wdw2015091212907179_7328346166Magic Kingdom has cheeseburger egg rolls in Adventureland, while Friar’s Nook offers Mac and Cheese with pot roast, plain, or barbecue flavors. They have hot dogs as well.

On Sunset Boulevard there is Toluca Lake Turkey Company next to the DVC stand. It is a wee bit set back. They are selling Turkey Legs and hot dogs, beer, soda pop, and water. Seasonal and new turkey leg location for now. This is in Hollywood Studios heading toward Tower of Terror on your left.

Port Orleans is celebrating the reopening of a famous restaurant. The Aristocats has a boy kitten named Bonfamille’s whom we get Bonfamille’s Cafe that ran from 1991 – 2000. It will be open December 21 – 30th from 5 pm to 10 pm with an all you can eat buffet but sadly it will be called Scat Cat’s Cafe. Laurie is so ready to see how much of the old cafe remains.

Morimoto will offer for dinner (from 5 – 10 pm – or there abouts) a take out window with yummy delights. They will offer sushi, fruit salad, Asian salad with duck, lo mein noodle salad, and egg rolls with beer, green tea, boba tea, and soda pop. ┬áCalifornia Grill is offering Sunday brunches starting February 7, 2016. Biergarten in Epcot has extended their hours. Pecos Bills and Tortuga Tavern have new menus. Pecos Bill has added a southwest burger with soy tortilla chips. No beans or fries with your burger unfortunately.
Backlot Express in Hollywood Studios now offers Blue Milk panna cotta, themed drinks, themed cupcakes, dark side chicken and waffles, Corellian spice fries, and the royal guard burger in honor of Star Wars. Throughout the park keep an eye out for cupcakes, drinks, and treats with a Star Wars theme.