Dining with Allergies – Are There Safe Restaurants at Disney?

Thank you Laura for compiling a list of your favorite places that your family has enjoyed eating at with no reactions!  Food allergies are very serious for many people and I am so glad that Disney takes these seriously.

IMG_7579We have dined at many places with our girls who have severe food allergies to peanuts and sesame seeds. We also avoid tree nuts, fresh egg and fresh diary and we avoid all products labeled with may contain or processed in a shared facility, equip. etc. Below are listed all of the places we have taken them and we have successfully made it thus far with no reactions!

The food has been top notch and the chefs were amazing. We always avoid restaurants at home that have our major allergens present in the restaurant—so no Asian or Mexican places usually. At Disney, that all changes. I was hesitant at first but after interacting with the chefs at a few places I knew this was different than anywhere else. My fears were set aside and we have had amazing food and experiences with our girls because of it and the care they take to make sure we are safe.

I will first recommend you find the Facebook Group called “Disney Chefs Rock Food Allergies”. I don’t run the board or get any “kick back” from any of their services, but the page is without a doubt the most helpful source of information I have found with dining questions, planning safe meals, etc. SO many knowledgeable people who have been there done that and can help! It’s truly an amazing supportive community!

Kiosks and Quick Service

All kiosks and quick service restaurants have a binder that will list out the allergens and possible cross contamination for all top 8 food allergies. If you have a sesame seed allergy or others that fall below the top 8, you will need to go though the ingredient lines. They generally take photos of the packaging so you can read it first hand. ALWAYS ask to see the binder–they are required to show it to you! If a cast member refuses, ask for a manager!

Table Service

For Table Service restaurants note the food allergies when you book the reservations in My Disney Experience under “special requests”. It will be flagged immediately on your reservation. You can also contact “special diets” before you go and chat with them about your options–especially if you have multiple allergies.

–Take wipes to wipe down tables and chairs before you sit down.
–Make sure your server knows immediately that you have food allergies and they should send the chef out to talk to you before any ordering of any kind is done. If they don’t mention the chef coming ASK to see him/her! This is proper ordering protocol for table service and even some quick service!
–The chefs are amazing. They will make you something safe even if you don’t see anything on the menu that looks safe or sounds good (hello picky kids!) It is their job and their pleasure to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable dining experience!
–If you do not feel comfortable with something or want to double check if your meal is allergen free-ASK. If something looks sketchy or mixed up notify them immediately. Everyone makes mistakes so keep your guard up and keep the communication open with the staff.

Allergy Menus

They will have allergy menus at all restaurants–QS and TS. THESE ARE NOT YOUR ONLY OPTIONS!!! They are ok if you have 1 allergy. But if you have multiple it gets confusing because they are not done very well. ALWAYS ask the chefs to clarify and/or look at the binder. There have been many times something is not listed on the allergy menu that is actually safe for us so always ask and don’t feel pressured to just order off that menu.IMG_9844

No matter what, ALWAYS flag your allergies when ordering, even if it’s a “safe” food just so they know to handle it with care and avoid possible cross-contamination.

Favorite Snacks:
Mickey Pretzels
Dole Whips (Magic Kingdom, Polynesian Resort)
Croissants from Gaston’s Tavern
Lafoo’s Brew Gaston’s Tavern

Quick Service
Roaring Fork (Wilderness Lodge)
Capt. Cooks (Polynesian Village Resort)
Cosmic Rays (Magic Kingdom)
La Cantina de san Angel (Epcot–Mexico Pavilion)
Electric Umbrella (Epcot)
Sommerfest (Epcot–Germany Pavilion)
Pizza Planet (Hollywood Studios)
Backlot Express (Hollywood Studios)
Flametree BBQ (Animal Kingdom)

Table Service
Yak and Yeti (Animal Kingdom)
Tusker House (Animal Kingdom)
Rainforest Cafe (Downtown Disney or Animal Kingdom)
T-Rex Cafe (Downtown Disney)
Whispering Canyon (Wilderness Lodge)
Ohana (Polynesian Village Resort)
Kona Cafe (Polynesian Village Resort)
The Wave (Contemporary Resort)
Jungle Cruise Navigation/ Skipper’s Canteen (Magic Kingdom)
Cinderella’s Royal Table (Magic Kingdom)
Be our Guest (Magic Kingdom)
Captain’s Grill (Yacht Club Resort)
Cape May Cafe (Beach Club Resort)
Garden Grill (Epcot)

We have only run into one place that I would recommend that you stay clear of with nut allergies, and that is Pecos Bill quick service in Magic Kingdom. Seems like a great safe option but we recently learned that all of their meat marinade may contain all nuts! I discovered the ingredient label in the food binder and we promptly walked back to Cosmic Rays. So disappointing!