Blaze Pizza in Disney Springs – Allergy Friendly?

Not safe for allergies

I spoke to an expert who confirmed the following:

1. The ovens contain wheat dust.
2. The pans are not dedicated to gluten free.
3. The press for GF is next to wheat pizzas.
4. They clean a regular press, sometimes, instead of a gluten free press.
5. Pizza dust is all over employees.
6. Employees touch the regular dough then put their hands in the bins of toppings.

Vegans and allergies
The employees take a topping from one bin then reach into other bins with that same hand. Much like Subway restaurants there is cross contamination. Meat residue gets on the “vegan” veggies. A person who is allergic to pork, tomatoes, onions, or dairy might find microscopic traces of allergens. The pizza sits on the counter edge so that toppings fall into the bins.

To make a truly allergy free or vegan pizza they would have to start with new bins of toppings and sauces. They are working on removing many bad things in their food like HFCS and artificial dyes. However, I would hate to wait for them to change gloves, wipe down counters, and bring out new bins. I have watched videos so that I know this to be true. The salads are premise and sit in bins which means no substitutes. They could make a salad from fresh. The convenience is gone if you are celiac, special diets, or Vegan.

They are a good value, good food, and good service from what I hear. I will not review them as I cannot eat there safely. I will not recommend them for the same reason. Homecoming and Bongos are safe and work with guests.