Pokemon Go – important

By Laurie.

Pokemon Go is based on GPS which may use outdated info. Poke Spots and Poke Gyms are assigned to churches, landmarks, and businesses usually. In time these locations may close, disappear, become unsafe, or change use. These locations can be swamps, burnt out buildings, meth labs, gang houses, or other criminal based activities. There could be guard dogs, gun toting lunatics, or sexual predators at the location. Lures are used to attract Pokemon for half an hour. Some can be attached to Pokemon Spots and others to the game character so that people gather in one location hoping for a rare Pokemon. A search on Google will find Poke Spots like the Neon Zebra that is an adult bar and my favorite, Shipwreck: the Alkimos that is a long swim if you dare to try to visit. Sadly graveyards, 9/11 memorials, and other places of remembrance are now playgrounds for Pokemon players. There is no way to easily add spots like the Salvation Army or removing unsafe sites or graveyards. The system needs to change so that players don’t bother people.

No Trespassing
Treat the game like a real life treasure hunt. Don’t go onto people’s lawns to catch a Golbat or go into the kitchen at your local diner for a Ponyta. People are going backstage at Disney World in search of Pokemon. Don’t park at a business just for Pokemon as that is rude. Do not climb over chains and fences into forbidden areas. There is rumor that Disney plans to tweak its filters on free wifi to block Pokemon sites. Don’t use graveyards and holocaust sites for Pokemon as you should respect the dead. As a Christian I would never visit a satanic site or a brothel even for the rarest Pokemon.

Pokemon critters, spots, and gyms are assigned without much concern for public safety. People get hurt when they fail to see sidewalk cracks, branches, poles, holes, traffic, people, animals, and other objects. People risk their jobs by playing the game on company time or by taking pictures of Pokemon where cameras are not allowed. Islam banned Pokemon as a form of gambling when Pokemon was on Gameboy long ago. People are forgoing real life duties and family for Pokemon hunting. I watched a pickup almost hit a guy on a motorcycle because of Pokemon. Many minor incidents go unreported but I have been in downtown Winter Haven watching road rage, poor manners, and unsafe driving.

Mind Your Manners and Children
New York plans to ban sexual predators from having Pokemon Go. An old ruse is for a predator to have a puppy and ask for help finding the owner. Imagine a man telling a Pokemon obsessed kid that there is a Sandshrew near by. Spots with lures attract people even in the dead of night because lures on Poke Stops have a better chance of finding rare Pokemon. Stay in your car if you must go to an unsafe lure site. Is that lure site a happy family friendly site or is it a dark street in the middle of the bad part of town?

Remind kids about meeting strangers, chatting online with strangers, and dealing with people in general. Some predators find a location then study area information so they can easily befriend victims. But he talked about the local hardware store, grocer, park, and my school just like he lived there. Make sure kids don’t share too much information. Once a girl was starting to cut herself so I called her school. I knew her age and school as she shared it in a chat room. Even adults have to be careful. Be safe online.

The one thing I hate about Pokemon Go is the assignment of locations to sacred places like graveyards, Auschwitz death camps, and war memorials. People and governments could lead to bans or restrictions. Armies are prohibiting Pokemon game play as are Islamic leaders. People are concerned about sexual predators and criminals using the site. Businesses are also cracking down on gamers at the work place. Pokemon Go must curtail certain activities or face strict regulations on all augmented reality programs.

Imagine going to a concert and 5 people have Master Chef on IPads. The volume is cranked up and they chat away about the show. You cannot hear the concert and the iPads are disturbing your view. Could that happen? NO!! Yet people go to amusement parks, museums, and malls to play Pokemon. While a little girl is enraptured in It’s a Small World there are adults sitting in front of her catching Pokemon. In front of her adults chat about Pokemon as the little girl strains to hear the dolls sing. MARK MY WORD – continued disrespect of the dead and of historic monuments, rude behavior, and safety issues could lead to new strict laws or even bans on playing Pokemon Go.